Key Benefits

This effective, secure, and reliable service meets high standards of excellence in cash management for business.

Simplified Experience

Modern User Interface, easy to use via Web Browsers on PC, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile Phone.

Smart Functions

Manage transactions confidently with intelligent system and functionality.

Enhanced Visibility

The dashboard provides a simple overview of the details of transaction cash management reports and can be quickly and conveniently generated and downloaded.

More Control

Transact confidently with international standard security systems and approval made with a Token.

Service Details

Service Details
Bangkok Bank’s new digital banking service will enable you to swiftly and easily manage your cash management needs. You can keep track of your accounts, make payments, manage your liquidity, and generate reports. Whether your business is large or small, you can streamline and seamlessly manage your financial operations any time, any day.
Key Benefits
Simplified Experience
Our world class UX/UI design enhances your user experience. Transactions can be made simply, quickly and easily with seamless access via a web browser on a PC, tablet, or mobile device, as well as by a mobile app on Android and iOS. The Knowledge Center supports self-directed learning on how to use the platform anytime, or you can contact the bank staff for online assistance via iCash.


Smart Functions
The new iCash service has best-in-class functions which will help you to efficiently manage liquidity, track cash balances, retrieve money transfer and borrowing information between company accounts/affiliated companies, and manage account balances for maximum returns. The system automatically recommends payment methods to optimize results. The system also helps you check details of the beneficiary to prevent errors. Additional information related to payment transactions can be specified in the transaction advice or by online attachment.


Enhanced Visibility
The dashboard provides a simple overview of the details and status of transactions with Bangkok Bank and other bank accounts. Cash management reports can be quickly and conveniently generated and downloaded.


More Control
Manage users and transaction rights within the system, including permissions for payment transactions and liquidity management transactions. The system is protected by international standard security systems. Logging in and authorizing payments can be done using a password and a token. You can login to the mobile app using facial or fingerprint recognition. Approval notifications are provided via SMS, push notification, and email.
iCash's Main Features
  • Account Services
    • Details of cash position, loan position and investment position (Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits), credit facilities, and funds, with multibank cash reporting both domestic and foreign.
    • Details of counter foreign exchange rates including special offers and forward contracts with the Bank.
  • Payment Services
    • Standard Electronic Payments
      • Transfers between Bangkok Bank accounts (Book Transfer - Own and 3rd Party Accounts)
      • Pay employee salaries (Payroll)
      • Make payments to your business counterparts (Direct Credit)
      • Domestic fund transfers to other banks (SMART/BAHTNET)
      • PromptPay
      • International Outward Funds Transfer
    • Smart Payment Advisory Services - Once the details and objective of the transaction have been specified the system will automatically show the best transaction option to the user.
    • Customer Self-service: Stop/Hold Payment Instructions
    • Other Services
      • Transaction advice – Specify additional payment information in the payment advice.
      • Payment Template - Able to create payment transactions and store data in a template format for future usage.
      • Beneficiary Management* - Manage, register, and record beneficiary information.
      • Withholding Tax Processing*- Choose to have the Bank issue a paper withholding tax certificate on your behalf.
      • Make transactions using counter foreign exchange rates, special foreign exchange rates and forward contracts.
  • Liquidity Management
    • Cash Aggregation Report: Sweeping (Intraday), sweeping (end of day) and multibank pooling.
    • Intercompany Lending Report: Promissory note generation and cash investment report.
    • Cash Investment report: Intraday savings account sweep and end of day saving account sweep.
    • Sweep Structure Summary Report - Summary report of the company's accounts that have been linked in the system.
  • Alerts and Reports
    • Transaction Alert for approver
    • Bill Payment (Batch)*- Report of payment for product and service
    • Customized Reporting Capability*- Customize the reporting for payments, liquidity, and account services
  • Security
    • Token and Advanced Biometric Authentication
  • Customer Self-administration  
    • Customer Administration Management - Manage company information and system, view login reports* and reset user login.
    • Customer Preference Management - Choose language and change profile picture.
iCash Login Channel

The iCash system can be accessed in different ways:

  • Websites through browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

  • Mobile Applications using Android and iOS operating systems. You can download the applications from the Play store or App store.

    Remark: Mobile application usage is not supported using AppGallery on Huawei devices.

  • Host to Host (H2H) for secure file transfer in an automated format via SFTP including money transfer information, accounting movement reports, and other reports in various formats. This is suitable for customers with ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle.

Determination of authority and duties and groups of users of the system

The iCash system divides users into three groups as follows:

1. Customer User An official authorized by the company to make or approve transactions on behalf of the company as follows:

  • Maker: Has the duty to create transactions for transferring money or receiving money.
  • Verifier: Has the duty to check the accuracy of the money transfer transaction (if any) before sending the transaction to the approval authority.
  • Authorizer: Has the duty to approve and confirm the money transfer transaction. All users can view account movements.

2. Customer Administrator Official authorized by the company to manage system users including checking various movements as follows:

  • Admin Maker has the following duties:
    • Unlock User ID if it is locked due to specifying the wrong password beyond the specified limit. 
    • Resetting a password or issuing a new password for Maker-level staff because they forgot their password or can't remember their password.
  • Admin Authorizer has the following duties:
    • Approve unlocking or resetting the password of Admin Maker.

3. Super User The official assigned by the company to have the highest authority in conducting financial transactions.

Service Fees
Fees are charged when you apply for or make transactions via iCash (New system)
Other Services
  • Online Assistance - Online information inquiry service from Bank staff via iCash system every day from 08:00 a.m. – 08:30 p.m.
  • Knowledge Center- Self-service to search for details about system usage including related documents and forms.*

*Not available on mobile application

iCash (New System)

How to apply

It costs nothing to get started. You can apply for iCash at any Business Center or Bangkok Bank branch.

Security Standards

Be assured of safety every time you use the service.
Transport Layer Security (TLS) Version1.2
Data transmission is only through a channel that connects to the system using an encrypted protocol (HTTPS) to prevent interception and modification of sensitive data along the way. Connection is only allowed with technology that is secure according to international standards.
256-Bit Encryption
We use a bit algorithm, which is the highest level of encryption currently available for use in the world's banking industry.
We use several levels of firewall to protect our system and your data.
Intrusion Detection Software
We have installed intrusion detection software which ensures we are immediately alerted of any suspicious activity.
Automatic Sign-Off
If you leave your computer idle, you will be automatically signed off from our service after a set period. This feature prevents anyone from using your account while you are away from your computer.
We have a ‘VeriSign Global Server Certificate’ which means it is virtually impossible for anyone to duplicate our website and pretend to be us.
The Token is a password generator providing a double layer of security. The Super User, Approver and Account Controller must use the Token to log on to the system each time.
Two-factor Authentication
All users are supplied with a password-generating Token which provides a double layer of security. The Administrator and Approver are required to use the Token to log into the system each time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of fund transfers does the iCash service support?
The iCash system supports both domestic and international fund transfers. You can use savings accounts, current accounts, and foreign currency accounts to perform financial transactions.
In the case of salary payment, can we provide blind payment information to user (authorizer)?
The system has a sign-blind function for payroll services that support salary payment transactions. You can set user entitlement for payroll information so that the approver can approve transactions without seeing any salary details or information unrelated to their position.
What are the additional services related to payment services on the iCash system?

The additional services for payment services are as follows:

1. Remittance Information

To improve the efficiency of fund transfers, you can specify transaction-related details such as invoice details or salary information to be transferred to beneficiaries. The system will send the information in the form of advices to beneficiaries.

2. Withholding Tax

You can specify details of withholding tax in the payment instructions. The system will issue a withholding tax certificate that you can view on the screen. In addition, the Bank will deliver the certificate to the recipient of the transferred funds in a paper format.

3. Beneficiary Maintenance

A function for registering beneficiaries' data in the system to increase convenience and security in financial transactions. You do not need to enter beneficiary details in the system every time you make a transaction. You can make payments and select registered beneficiaries to process payment.

4. Payment Advices

To improve the efficiency of payment transactions, the system has documents that support every step of the payment process, including the following details:

  • Debit Advice
  • Pre-credit Advice
  • Credit Advice

5. FX Visibility

The system supports all transactions that involve a FX rate, including for cross-currency fund transfers, and can display and use foreign exchange rates according to the Bank’s counter rate announcements. Special exchange rates or forward contracts will be those agreed with the Bank.

6. Payment Templates

You can set favorite payments or fund transfer orders as a template in two formats:

  • Normal template - no approval is required in the template saving process.
  • Secured template - approval is required before the template is saved.
Which payment services are provided in iCash?

The system supports both domestic and international outward transfers, which are detailed as follows:

Transfer funds between Bangkok Bank accounts

  • Book Transfer: Transfer money within the company’s account.
  • Third Party Fund Transfer: Transfer money within a group of companies’ accounts.
  • Direct Credit: Transfer money between Bangkok Bank accounts without limits. 

Transfer funds between banks in Thailand

  • SMART Credit: Transfer up to 2 million baht per transaction across different bank accounts.
  • PromptPay: Transfer up to 2 million baht per transaction through Proxy ID, PromptPay system.
  • BAHTNET: Transfer money without limits per transaction across different bank accounts. 

Transfer funds between countries

  • International Outward Funds Transfer: The system supports both single currency and cross-currency fund transfers to foreign countries via SWIFT.
How many types of exchange rates (FX Rates) are available on the iCash system?

FX Rate is the exchange rate of foreign currencies used in financial transactions. The iCash system supports various types of FX Rates, which are detailed as follows:

  • Counter Rate: Normal exchange rate according to the Bank’s announcements.
  • Today's Deal: Special exchange rate agreed upon by customers and the Bank and valid only on the day agreed upon with the Bank.
  • Forward Contracts: Forward contracts for buying and selling foreign currencies in advance, with clear contract terms for the exchange rate to be bought or sold.
How can I view the Sweeping Structure?
To view the information, the company must apply and register for the liquidity service with the Bank. Afterwards, the system will display the registered information, and you can view the information at the structure and instruction levels. The system will display the data pictorially along with details of each sweep instruction to make it easy to understand.
The authorizer would like to approve a transaction. What should they do?

Approvers who wish to approve a payment order through the iCash system can do so through 4 channels. Before approving the transaction, the approver can view the transaction details.

  • Approve the transaction through the Payment Center screen by selecting the transaction pending for approval.

  • Approve the transaction through the Approval Center.

  • Approve the transaction through the on-screen push notification.

  • Approve the transaction through the Activity Feed.

How can I check the status of a fund transfer?
You can check the status of a transfer through the Payment Center. The system will display information on all types of payments, including Single transaction, Batch initiation, and File upload. You can view the details and status of the payment.
How do I install the iCash application and Token application on my mobile phone?

You can download the mobile applications for use on Android and iOS operating systems by searching for the application name as follows:

  • “iCash-Transaction Banking” application for using the iCash application.
  • “Token-Transaction Banking” application for using tokens on the application.
Can I check my balance on my mobile phone?

You can view your account information registered with the Bank through the iCash application. The system supports various account types, including:

  • Cash accounts - Current accounts / Savings accounts

  • Loan accounts - Bills (P/N, L/G) / Long-term loans
  • Investment accounts - Fixed deposit accounts / Mutual fund accounts

Tools & Assistance

For more information, call us at
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Tools & Assistance

For more information, call us at Corporate Service Center (66) 0 2031 7888

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