Services Highlights

Asia Same Day Transfer

Outward remittances from Thailand to your business partners in Asia with same day value. Fast transfer, money received on the same day

AEC Trade Express

Fast and reliable same day processing of import and export documents

Electronic import and export services

Save time spent on administration and reduce business costs and paperwork while enhancing your business liquidity

e-Form services

Request a trade transaction easier. Just download and fill in the electronic application form

Our Services

We can assist you to manage the import process and provide a full-range of import services and short-term credit to support your liquidity.

Opening Letter of Credit

Quick and effective. Ready to be sent to your trade partners’ L/C recipient bank promptly worldwide

Issuing Shipping Guarantee and Endorsing Delivery Order

Provides guarantee for the freight companies and to endorse the air waybill services

Trust Receipts

Increase flexibility and quickness to release your import goods prior to payment

Inward Bills for Collection

Quick and easy. Get notification within 24 hours when the Bill for Collection arrives at the Bank

Forward Contract

Export goods with confidence, without worrying about fluctuations in the exchange rate

Outward Fund Transfer

Fast and secure with low fees. The services are provided via our branch network and over 1,000 correspondent banks worldwide

Foreign Currency Deposit Account

Deposit funds in any of 16 major currencies.

Import Promissory Note (P/N)

A short-term loan from Bangkok Bank for importers


For more information and international trade advice call us at Trade Finance Call Center
(66) 0 2680 9559