Design your savings to suit your lifestyle

Savings Account

You only need 500 baht to open an account. You can make an unlimited number of withdrawals, deposits and funds transfers with no ceiling on the amount.  You can conveniently pay bills at branches or using electronic channels.

Statement Savings Account

A new way of saving that does not require a passbook. It is ideally suited to the life styles of young people as there is no need to go to the bank for statement updates and you can print your own statements at Bangkok Bank ATMs.

e-Savings Account

Open an account online via Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking. Convenient for all savings, transfers, payments and investments.

Bualuang Extra Savings Account

Save for your future and receive personal accident insurance protection, with coverage of 20 times your account balance, or up to 10 million baht.

Basic Banking Account

An account with many more benefits and features, available for Thai citizens who receive government welfare privileges or aged 65 or above

Kwan Bualuang - Savings Account

Open an account with a minimum deposit of 5,000 baht and get peace of mind from life insurance that covers all situations for up to 2 million baht.

Current Account

A quick and easy way to manage your business smoothly, and access your overdraft (OD). You will receive a cheque book and can make online payments. The minimum deposit to open a new account is 10,000 baht.

Fixed Deposit Account

A choice of savings which gives you good returns and offers higher interest rates than savings accounts.

7 Month, 10-Month and 14-Month Fixed Deposit Accounts

Save with 7-Month, 10-Month and 14-Month Fixed Deposit Accounts offering interest rates of 1.80% p.a., 1.65% p.a. and 1.65% p.a. respectively with a minimum deposit of 2,000 baht. 

Sinmathaya Subthawee Account

A fixed deposit account gives you a higher interest rate than a 12-month fixed deposit and tax-free interest benefits. Simply deposit the same amount every month to achieve your saving goal and select the deposit period.

Sinmathaya Subthawee - Bualuang Kids Account

Save for your children’s future and instill good saving habits in them while earning a higher interest rate than a 12-month fixed deposit and tax-free interest benefits. Simply deposit 500 baht every month for 2 years.

Kwan Bualuang - Fixed Account

Relax with a savings account which provides interest and life insurance coverage which covers all accidents for up to 5 million baht.

FCD e-Savings account

Open an account online , deposit and transfer easily via Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking

FCD Account for Thai Residents

Conveniently save and spend in foreign currencies while efficiently managing your investment costs

Special Savings FCD Account

A cost-effective savings plan to support your living expenses in a foreign currency. Plan your future expenses confidently. No exchange rate worries!

FCD Account for Non-Residents

Efficiently manage exchange rate risks with a foreign currency deposit account

e-Withholding Tax Service

Convenient and easy for customers who need the information to obtain tax refunds from the Revenue Department. You can request deposit interest withholding tax information on the Revenue Department’s website.

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