Key Benefits


No minimum opening balance

No fee

Free card entrance fee, annual fee and account maintenance fee

Anywhere, Any time

Unlimited number of transactions from any channel and conveniently receive government welfare payments

Qualifications and Required Documents

An account with many more benefits and features, available for customers with a welfare card or aged 65 or above. Also, interest is calculated daily and automatically transferred into your Basic Banking Account every six months (June and December).




Terms and Conditions
  • Available to Thai citizens with a welfare card or aged 65 or more
  • Limited to one account/person. Excludes joint or group accounts
  • The account will automatically revert to the normal savings account when
    • Average monthly balance is greater than 50,000 baht or
    • Total monthly deposits are greater than 50,000 baht or
    • Total monthly withdrawals are greater than 50,000 baht or
    • Account has been inactive for more than 24 months or
    • Customer is not eligible for Basic Banking Account.
Debit Card
One Debit Card per Basic Banking Account

Possible Types of Debit Cards
  • Be1st Smart TPN UnionPay Card
  • Be1st Smart TPN Rabbit Card

Debit Card Fees
  • Free Entrance Fee
  • Free Annual Fee
  • Free Card Replacement Fee (for an expired card)

  • Debit card fees remain exempt if the Basic Banking Account retains an active status.
  • Fees and charges for transactions through a card are as announced by the Bank.
Required Documents

For Thai Nationals

  • Thai Citizen ID Card or another photo ID card issued by the government
  • Welfare Card (If customer is aged 65 and above, welfare card is not required.)
Product Catalog: Savings Account
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Deposit Protection
From August 11, 2021 Thai Baht Deposits are protected under the Deposit Protection Agency Act up to a maximum of one million baht per one depositor per financial institution.

More information available at Deposit Protection Agency website

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