Additional Information for Tax Saving Plan


  • Financial Calculator aims to make you aware of savings and investments to help you to reach your financial goals and manage your taxes. It is not intended to introduce any deposit, loan, investment, portfolio management or bancassurance product. Nor is there an intention to offer or invite you to buy any Bangkok Bank product or service. If you would like to make a deposit, or apply for a loan or buy bancassurance, please ask for information and study the product details.
  • Financial Calculator is a tool to help prepare for various financial goals, using a calculation formula based on personal financial planning. Information or formulae used for the calculation may be incomplete due to data limitation or changes to terms and conditions specified by the Revenue Department. Therefore, the Financial Calculator cannot be used as evidence regarding the achievement of financial goals.
  • Financial Calculator cannot be used as evidence or used to perform any transaction with Bangkok Bank. Bangkok Bank does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and integrity of Financial Calculator.