FX Services

Buy or sell major foreign currencies using latest rates. Enhance your business potential.

FX Same Day

Trade foreign currencies conveniently and with immediate same-day effect.

FX Forward

Manage your business operating costs. Minimize risks from FX volatility.

FX Option

Reduce FX volatility. Safeguard your profits from currency fluctuation.

FX Swap

Liquidity management to hedge FX risks for businesses with exposure to receiving/repaying foreign currency.

Cross Currency Swap

Protect your business against FX and interest rate risks. Swap your interest payment to another currency to match with your revenue.

Interest Rate Swap

Swap your interest payment from floating to fixed rate, or vice versa, to hedge against interest rate volatility.

Par Forward

Minimize risks from FX volatility. Exchange a series of cash flows over time from one currency to another with all exchanges occurring at the same exchange rate.

Rates & Fees

Foreign Exchange Rates

Daily and historical foreign exchange rates and currency calculator.

Rates & Fees

Forward Points

Forward Points for SMEs

Foreign Exchange Disclosure Statement


We are ready to help you.


We are ready to help you.

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