Choose home loan that suits you

Loans for General Customers

Make your dream home a reality with our wide range of competitive interest rates to match your financial plan

Loans for Housing Projects

Loans for buyers of houses/condominium project properties nationwide

Bualuang Green Home Loans

Loans for buyers of new solar houses from our residential project partners.

Loans for Refinancing

Trade your existing mortgage for better loan rates and conditions

Loans for Professionals

Special loans for medical professionals, judges, state prosecutors and commercial airline pilots

Loans for High Income Earners

If you are an employee with a consistent monthly income of at least 50,000 baht you may be eligible for special conditions

Loans for Bualuang Exclusive members

As a Bualuang Exclusive member you will receive flexible loan packages to purchase, build or refinance a property

Loans for Bank properties

Bangkok Bank properties are for sale at special prices in metropolitan and provincial areas

Loans for Sinmathaya Subthawee Deposit customers

If you have a Sinmathaya Subthawee account you will receive exclusive offers of special rates when you make a new loan application

Debt Consolidation

A new low-interest loan to help reduce your interest burden and provide you with better liquidity

Additional Information

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Sales Sheet: Bualuang Home Loans
Maximum Loan to Value Ratio must comply with the Bank of Thailand regulations
Give consent to the Bank to send mortgage interest information to the Revenue Department


Home 1st Insurance

With insurance for your Bualuang Home Loan, your family will have absolute ownership of the property without having to shoulder outstanding debts in the event of your death or total permanent disability.



FAQs about applying for a Bualuang Home Loan

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