Key Benefits

High credit limit

Up to 90% of the property's sale price.

Worry-free repayments

The term cannot exceed 30 years (up to 35 years for permanent employees) 
or, the repayment period and the applicant’s age combined must not exceed 65 years.


You can choose to make repayments with step installments or a flat rate plan.


Properties for residential purposes bought from the bank.


Appraisal fee and loan management fee waived.

Loan Details

Interest Rates
How to apply

Online Pre-Screening Application

Find Out If You’re Eligible for a Bualuang Home Loan

Make your dream home a reality with our quick and flexible financing service. Now you can apply for a Bualuang Home Loan online and find out if you pass the pre-screen.

Useful Information

5 Things to Know Before Applying for a Loan

All the information you may need to help guide you through Bualuang Home Loans


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