Mutual Funds

Invest wisely and grow your wealth

Money Market Funds

The Funds invest in deposits and/or debt instruments which have good quality, liquidity and low price volatility, with a duration to maturity of not more than 397 days. The weighted average maturity, at any given time, will not be more than 92 days.

Fixed Income Funds

The Funds invest in debt instruments e.g. government bonds, Bank of Thailand bonds, treasury bills, certificates of deposit, bills of exchange, promissory notes, or corporate debentures. The Funds will not invest in stocks.

Auto Redemption Funds

The Funds invest in debt instruments for a specified investment period and carry low risks. The funds are automatically redeemed and proceeds are credited back to the investor.

Mixed Funds

The Funds diversify investments in both debt instruments and equity instruments to reduce risks. However, the proportion of an investment depends on each fund's investment policy.

Equity Funds

The Funds invest in equity instruments of listed companies which have strong fundamentals and high potential returns.

Foreign Investment Funds

The Funds invest in investment units of high-performing overseas funds for an opportunity to earn good returns based on each fund’s investment policy.

Alternative Asset Funds

The Funds invest in multiple alternative asset funds to fulfill your investments.

ETF Funds

The Funds focus on creating returns in line with reference assets or indexes using a passive management strategy. 

Long-term Equity Funds (LTF)

The Funds invest in shares / securities of companies with strong fundamentals and high potential returns. Investment in LTF is not tax-deductible from January 1, 2020.

Tax-Saving Funds (RMF/SSF)

Prepare for your retirement and/or invest long term to meet your saving goals and receive tax benefits in accordance with conditions of the Revenue Department.

Special Promotions

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Additional Information

Consumer Rights

Discover funds that suit your needs

Before investing in mutual funds you first need to know your investment goals and the level of risk you can accept. Please provide answers to these questions for an initial assessment and recommendations for mutual fund investments.


  • Investments are not deposits and carry the risk that investors may not receive their money back in full when the investment is redeemed (the principal is not guaranteed).
  • Investors are strongly advised to study the product characteristics including the prospectus, fund policy, returns conditions, risks, fund performance, and tax benefits in the RMF/SSF handbook, as well as investment conditions and breaches of investment conditions or investors can ask for information from an investment consultant before deciding to invest.
  • Off-shore investment funds have no currency risk-protection policy for most, if not all, of their value. The currency risk policy is at the discretion of the Management Company. Investors may experience currency losses or profits, or receive a return less than their initial investment.
  • English provided for information purposes only. Any action taken must be guided by the Thai text.


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