Auto Redemption Funds

The Funds invest in fixed income instruments for a specified investment period. The Funds carry low risk and generate returns and automatic redemption of investment units as scheduled upon maturity.

Bualuang Thanasarn Plus

The Fund invests in overseas debt instruments and/or deposits issued by government, state enterprises or financial institutions.

Bualuang Fixed Income - Term Fund

The Fund invests in domestic and overseas government debt instruments, debt instruments issued by banks under specific laws, private sector and financial institution debt instruments, debt instruments that are similar to deposits and/or deposits.


  • Investments are not deposits and carry the risk that investors may not receive their money back in full when the investment is redeemed (the principal is not guaranteed).
  • Investors are strongly advised to study the product characteristics including the prospectus, fund policy, returns conditions, risks, and fund performance before deciding to invest.


  • The Fund has no exchange rate risk because it is fully hedged.


We are ready to help you.


We are ready to help you.

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