Key Benefits

Internet-based cash management solution for large corporations, supporting payments, collections, and liquidity management.

Easy Transfers

Make sweeps on demand or arrange automatic intra-day sweeps between your accounts


Key-in or upload files with seamless integration to your corporate ERPs


Advising tool to notify the beneficiary of incoming transactions via email, fax, and SMS

User Matrix

Assign roles to each user i.e. Viewer, Maker, and Approver to reflect your business procedures

Online Reports

Online reports available e.g. payment status report, withholding tax certificate report, etc.

Cashflow Forecasting

Support funds forecasting with timely information

Comprehensive Data

Consolidate transactions within your business organization


Pay or collect from your business counterparts around the globe

Additional Information

How to apply
To apply for Corporate iCash, you can contact any Bangkok Bank branch or your Relationship Manager.
State-of- the-art Security

We employ leading edge technology to make Corporate iCash secure and reliable.


Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

SSL encrypts and converts all data that moves between you and the Bank into a secured coding. This global-standard encryption ensures that the data remains secure.


128-Bit Encryption

The higher the level of encryption, the stronger the security. We use a 128 bit-algorithm, which is the highest level of encryption currently available in the banking industry.



A firewall is software that acts as a security guard and prevents any intruders from system access. We use several levels of firewall to protect our system and your data.


Intrusion Detection Software

Intrusion detection software works to ensure timely alert if any suspicious activity occurs.


Automatic Log-Off

If you leave your computer idle, you will be automatically logged off after a set period. This prevents anyone from using your account while you are away from the computer.



We have a VeriSign Global Server Certificate which means it is virtually impossible for anyone to duplicate our website and pretend to be us.


Two-factor Authentication

All users are supplied with a password-generating Token which provides a double layer of security. The Administrator and Approver are required to use the Token to log into the system each time.


User Entitlement and Authorization

With Corporate iCash, data extraction, initiation, and authorization for banking transactions is controlled through the user profile. Each user profile is created with specific authority and access to specific type of information. Each user is assigned a user profile, whereby they are granted the authority in according to the assigned profile.


We are ready to help you.


We are ready to help you.