Key Benefits

Effective management

Help you manage currency risk as you can exchange the funds at a rate and time that suits you

Various currencies available

Choose from among 16 currencies with no limit on the deposit amount and you can keep your deposit in the account as long as you like


Available via Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking, Bualuang iBanking, and branches that provide Foreign Currency Deposit Account (FCD) services nationwide

Trading Gold with USD Currency

An easy and cost-effective way for gold investor to manage the cost of currency exchange

Qualifications and Documents for Opening an Account

Open an Account
The service is available at 600 branches nationwide which provide a Foreign Currency Deposit service. There are three types of deposit accounts available: Fixed, Savings and Current. To open an account, you need a minimum first deposit of 1,000 USD or the equivalent. The deposit can be made in 16 major currencies:


  • U.S. Dollar (USD)
  • Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  • Singapore Dollar (SGD)
  • Australian Dollar (AUD)
  • New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
  • Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
  • Swedish Krone (SEK)
  • Norwegian Krone (NOK)
  • Danish Krone (DKK)
  • British Pound (GBP)
  • Chinese Yuan (CNY)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Japanese Yen (JPY)
  • Swiss Franc (CHF)
  • Malaysian Ringgit* (MYR)
  • Indonesian Rupiah* (IDR)

Note: *MYR and IDR are available only at Bangkok Bank, Head office, Silom. Subject to the terms and conditions as designated by the bank.

Manage your FCD account easily through electronic channels
  • FCD account via Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking

You can add FCD savings accounts (all currencies) using the Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking app by yourself any day from 6.00 a.m.-11.00 p.m. Once you have successfully added your account, you can:

  • Check account activity and account balance 24/7
  • Make funds transfers between your Thai baht account and your FCD account*

*In  the first phase the service is only available for Thai nationals and transfers are limited to 3 million baht per transaction from 8.30 a.m.- 5.00 p.m. on banking days.


  • FCD account via Bualuang iBanking

If you already have an FCD account, you can apply for the Bualuang iBanking service and add your FCD account to Bualuang iBanking at any branch nationwide which provides a Foreign Currency Deposit service. Once the account has been registered successfully, you can:

  • Check account activity and your account balance 24/7
  • Make funds transfers from your FCD account to your Thai baht account up to 1.2 million baht per day from 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. on banking days.
Documents Required for Opening the Account

Thai Citizen ID card

Download Document

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees for Foreign Currency Deposit Account Services
Conditions and Fees on Provision of Foreign Currency Deposit Account Services
Bangkok Bank branches providing FCD Services


Who can open an FCD account?

FCD account is suitable for general Thai nationals who have earnings or expenses in foreign currency or who want to use local baht to buy foreign currency and save it in the account, then exchange the savings in foreign currency to Thai baht later i.e.

  • A person with incoming funds / salaries from domestic or overseas sources
  • A person who sells products through various marketplace channels
  • A person who purchases products and services from domestic or overseas providers
  • A person who is interested in investing in gold with USD currency

For Thai people who wish to save money in foreign currency for future overseas payments, such as for education expenses or other funds transfers, the bank offers a special FCD account which will help you to manage foreign expenses. View details

Can I open an FCD account and deposit more money later with Thai baht?
Yes, you can exchange Thai baht for foreign currency to open an account or to deposit into the account with no maximum limit.
Can I deposit or withdraw the money from an FCD account with foreign banknotes?
Yes, foreign banknotes can be deposited for up to USD 15,000 per day or the equivalent in other currencies.

If you wish to deposit more than this, additional evidence such as a customs declaration form, proof of purchase of foreign banknotes from a local bank or evidence showing that you are a government official working abroad must be presented. You can also withdraw money in foreign banknotes. In some cases, the bank may request additional documents.
Can I transfer funds from my FCD account to another person's FCD account in Thailand?

Yes, you can transfer funds between your FCD account and another individual or company’s FCD accounts. Also, the bank will not charge a service fee if the recipient has an FCD account with Bangkok Bank.

  • Funds transfer to a Thai individual or juristic person account does not require any document from the sender.
  • In the case of a funds transfer to a foreign individual or juristic person account, the sender must submit the documents required for the transfer. The amount transferred must match the amount shown on the submitted document, such as bills for goods and services.
Can I use my FCD account to receive funds transferred from abroad?
Yes and without any limit on the transfer. The Bank will charge a transfer fee of only 0.25% of the transferred amount, with a minimum of 200 baht and maximum of 500 baht per transaction.
Can I transfer funds from my FCD account to overseas payees?
Yes, you can transfer money according to the payment obligation you have with your recipient abroad. For a person who regularly transfers money abroad, the bank has a special type of FCD account, which will help you manage your overseas expenses more cost-effectively. View details

Which rate does the Bank use in converting Thai baht to foreign currency to deposit into my FCD account?
Bangkok Bank uses the “Selling T/T Rate” in converting Thai baht to foreign currency for deposit into an FCD account.
Which rate does the Bank use when withdrawing funds from an FCD account in Thai baht?
Bangkok Bank uses the “Buying T/T Rate” to convert currencies.
Does the Bank pay interest on FCD accounts?
Yes, interest is paid for some currencies. View details
Can I have an ATM card linked with my FCD account?
ATM cards linked to FCD accounts are not yet available.
Can I make transactions from my FCD (SFCD, DFCD or DSFCD) accounts that were previously opened with the Bank?

Yes, you continue using your FCD account as before. Additionally, if your account previously had some limitations such as:

  • Deposits can only be made in the SFCD account if the money is transferred from abroad. Now you can exchange Thai baht for foreign currency and deposit it into the account without any maximum deposit limit.
  • The DSFCD account previously had a limit of 5 million USD for the account balance at the end of the day. Currently, there is no limit on the account balance at the end of the day.
Are there any fees for using FCD account?

Choose the FCD Account That Suits You

Special Savings FCD Account

A cost-effective savings plan to support your living expenses in a foreign currency. Plan your future expenses confidently. No exchange rate worries!

FCD Account for Non-Residents

With a savings account in a foreign currency you can efficiently manage exchange rate risks as you don’t need to exchange into baht right away