Key Benefits

Anywhere, Any time

An unlimited number of transactions for any amount anywhere anytime

Quick and easy

Make payments conveniently with Be1st Smart Card

Easy bill payments

It’s easy to pay bills for goods and services with auto payments from your savings account.

Qualifications and Required Documents

Open an account with only 500 baht. There is no limit on the number or amount of deposits, withdrawals and bill payments you can make.

Opening a New Account
Open a new account with only 500 baht and you can make daily transactions easily with an unlimited number of transactions and amount of cash deposits and withdrawals. In addition, Be1st Smart card will make transactions easier by debiting utilities bills and goods and services from your automatic deposit account. The interest rate will be calculated daily and transferred to your account every six months (June and December).
Required Documents

For Thai nationals

  • ID card or any government-issued photo ID card with 13-digit ID number

For foreigners

For more information, please contact any Bangkok Bank branch.
Provisions Governing Savings Deposit Account
Product Catalog: Savings Account
Deposit Protection
From August 11, 2021 Thai Baht Deposits are protected under the Deposit Protection Agency Act up to a maximum of one million baht per one depositor per financial institution.

More information available at Deposit Protection Agency website

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