Key Benefits

No documents required

All you need to open an account is your Citizen ID card

No passbook

Make your transactions via digital banking channels or at Bangkok Bank branches

No minimum deposit or inter-regional transaction fees

No deposit needed when you open an account and inter-regional transaction fees are waived

Make top-ups, transfers, payments, investments instantly

Make transactions instantly once you have completed the account opening

Qualifications and Required Documents

Opening New Account
  • Available for individual customers aged 15 years old and above, with Thai nationality
  • Limited to one account/person. Joint accounts are not permitted.
  • No minimum initial deposit required
  • No passbook
  • e-Savings account can be opened via Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking any day from 07:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Required Documents

  • Citizen ID card with 13-digit ID numbers
Product Highlights
  • e-Savings account can be opened anywhere via Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking.
  • No minimum initial deposit required, and fees waived for inter-region transactions.
  • Financial transactions can be made conveniently via digital banking channels and Bangkok Bank branches without a passbook.
Transaction Channels
  • Deposits can be made at Bangkok Bank branches nationwide.
  • Withdrawal transactions cannot be made at Bangkok Bank branches.
  • Financial transactions can be made easily via digital banking channels. Transaction amounts and fees are according to the conditions of service channels.
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New Customers

New customers can easily apply for Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking.



Once you have downloaded the Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking app, you can access and open an e-Savings account with two authentication methods available.


Verify your identity via other banks’ apps – suitable for those who have already gone through the authentication process

Be My ID

Verify your identity using your Citizen ID card at Be My ID service points at Bangkok Bank branches or Kerry Express service points

Existing Customers

Existing customers of Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking can open an e-Savings account promptly!


Select “Accounts”


Enter your 6-digit Mobile PIN or use Touch ID / Face ID / Finger Print


Select “…” at the top right corner


Select “Open new account”


Read the product details and select “Open new account”


Enter your Citizen ID card information to verify your status with the Department of Provincial Administration (DOPA) and click “Next”


Enter your personal information, select home branch and click “Next”


Prepare to take a selfie photo to verify your identity with facial recognition technology


Fit your face in the frame and follow instructions for liveness detection


Enter your 6-digit Mobile PIN


The system will display the successful results of your account opening.


Your e-Savings account will appear on the “Accounts” screen and you will receive a confirmation email for your new account opening.

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