Mobile ID

A form of digital identity for authentication using the mobile number together with atta by Bangkok Bank application to access services of public and private organizations


Access Mobile ID authentication anytime, anywhere via atta by Bangkok Bank app


Make financial transactions online instantly after Mobile ID authentication without the need to visit branches or service points

No documents required

Identification documents or Citizen ID card is not required


Use blockchain and multi-factor authentication technology to strengthen security and protect your privacy


Register for Mobile ID at your mobile operators’ service points participating as an identity provider of the Mobile ID platform
*Check your mobile operator’s announcements for the list of Mobile ID registration service points

How to register

1. Present your Citizen ID card

Staff will check your Citizen ID card with the card reader

2. Take a photo

As a reference for your identification

3. Download mobile operator application

To use for subsequent log on with Mobile ID

4. Download atta by Bangkok Bank application

For authentication with Mobile ID to open an e-Savings account

*e-Savings account opening service currently supports Mobile ID from AIS, dtac and TrueMove H (NT will be available soon)

Mobile ID Authentication Process

For e-Savings account opening via atta by Bangkok Bank application

Details about e-Savings Account


Authenticated with atta app for e-Savings account opening

Enter the 7-digit reference code received from Mobile Banking app and your Citizen ID number


Authenticated with the mobile operator app

- Enter your registered mobile number
- Follow the instructions for authentication on the mobile operator app


If successful, the system will display your Mobile ID authentication results

- Return to Mobile Banking app to proceed with the next step of account opening

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mobile ID authentication?
It is a form of digital identity that links mobile numbers with Citizen ID card information. The ID owner must register / authenticate their identities with Thailand’s mobile operators to be able to use the mobile number for authentication.
What are conditions of Mobile ID registration?
  • For Thai nationals with a valid Smart Citizen ID Card
  • Own a smartphone with an active SIM card and internet usage which supports the following operating systems: iOS version 11.0 or Android version 7.0 and above
  • Own a mobile number with Thai mobile operators under the Mobile ID platform e.g. AIS, dtac, TrueMove H and NT
How can I register for the Mobile ID service?
Registration for Mobile ID can be done at mobile operators’ service points participating as an identity provider of the Mobile ID platform.
What are the benefits of Mobile ID authentication?
Mobile ID is an alternative authentication method using your mobile number to access services of public and private organizations. For online services, it enables an easy authentication of your identity anytime, anywhere and reduces commuting time to visit the bank branch or office. For offline services, this service simplifies steps such as filling out information and submitting identity documents. Once your Mobile ID is registered and authenticated with the mobile operator, you will be able to verify your identity to apply for a variety of services, soon including access to government services, applying for loans, buying insurance as well as services related to education and public health sectors, etc.
How does the atta by Bangkok Bank application relate to Mobile ID authentication?
“atta” is an application developed by Bangkok Bank. It provides customers an identity verification service using a mobile number (Mobile ID), allowing authentication to be more convenient, easier and safer for various transactions.
Is Mobile ID authentication safe?
Mobile ID is a central platform that connects relevant agencies to provide authentication services and exchange information with one another where data exchange can only be processed after customers give consent. Moreover, the platform is designed to be highly secure according to international standards together with the introduction of blockchain and biometric technology in identity management. The Mobile ID platform is under the supervision of the Office of the NBTC.
How many Mobile ID can I have?
You can register multiple mobile numbers to the Mobile ID platform under the same name. For example, if you have three mobile numbers, you can register three Mobile ID, one number with operator A and two numbers with operator B or vice versa.
If I change my mobile phone what should I do?
  • In case you change your mobile device but are using the same SIM card: This has no effect on Mobile ID usage and you don’t need to re-register since the Mobile ID can work across devices.
  • In case you change to a new mobile number: Contact your mobile operator to register your Mobile ID with the new mobile number. Your Mobile ID registered with the previous operator will be terminated immediately after you submitted service cancellation on the previous mobile number.
Under what circumstances will I need to renew my Mobile ID registration?
For safety and prevention of subrogation, Mobile ID information needs to be up to date in line with Citizen ID card information. In the following cases: changes in mobile operator but using the same mobile number; lost, destroyed or expired Citizen ID card; or changing name or surname and getting a new ID card, you are obliged to bring the new Citizen ID card to update your Mobile ID at service points of the mobile operator.
Does Mobile ID have an expiration date?
Yes. Mobile ID has the same expiry date as your Citizen ID card.
Does the Mobile ID authentication service have any fee?
Currently the Mobile ID authentication service does not charge any fee.

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