Benefits and discounts on financial services

As a member of Bualuang Exclusive, you will enjoy a host of special privileges such as fee waivers and discounts as well as exclusive financial service at Bangkok Bank.
Bualuang Home Loans

You will receive Bualuang Home Loan privileges when you purchase or build a house, or refinance*

  • Special interest rate and credit line of up to 70-100% of the purchase price (Loan to value ratio and purchase price must comply with the Bank of Thailand regulations)
  • Waiver of the appraisal fee (value 3,210 baht)
  • You can be a joint holder of the mortgage with your spouse or children. You will receive special privileges when you take out a multi-purpose loan using your existing property as collateral.


*These privileges are reserved for customers who have a consolidated balance in all types of deposits and/or mutual funds of 3 million Baht or more on the day they apply for the loan. The average balance must have remained at or above this level during the preceding six months. This offer does not apply to empty land or leasehold property.

Introducing Agent Service from Bualuang Securities PCL

Open a securities trading account with Bualuang Securities (BLS) and receive a credit line based on your consolidated balance of deposits, Bills of Exchange (B/E), and/or mutual funds you have with Bangkok Bank.

Consolidated balance of deposits,

Bills of Exchange (B/E), and/or mutual funds

Special credit line for cash collateral securities trading account

3 - 9.99 million baht

2 million baht

10 million baht or more

5 million baht


*Bangkok Bank acts as an introducing agent for Bualuang Securities for investors wishing to open a securities trading account. The bank is not responsible for approving the opening of accounts, securities trading, or other services of Bualuang Securities.

**The client is required to have an account cash balance equivalent to at least 20% of the purchased amount as stipulated by the Stock Exchange of Thailand and / or Bualuang Securities PCL, prior to any purchase transaction. Any cash balance in the account is entitled to receive interest as announced by Bualuang Securities PCL.

Investors are advised to study the product characteristics, returns conditions, and risks before deciding to invest.

Foreign Currency Exchange Service and Outward Remittance Service
Enjoy a discount on the foreign exchange rate when you buy banknotes in the following currencies: USD, EUR, JPY, AUD, GBP, CNY, HKD and SGD.

Special fee 950 baht / transaction (usual fee 1,150 baht / transaction), when transferring USD, CAD, GBP, AUD, and NZD, using the ‘Charge OUR’ option in which the sender is responsible for the Bangkok Bank fee and overseas correspondent bank fee.

Special Discount Rates on Foreign Currency Exchange for Bualuang Exclusive Members
Cashier Cheques and Gift Cheques
As a Bualuang Exclusive member, you will receive free cashier cheques and gift cheques (up to three items per day).
Cheque Books
If you hold a current account, you are entitled to receive two complimentary cheque books (20 cheques each).

*Stamp duty of 60 Baht per cheque book is not included.
Safe-Deposit Boxes
Receive a 50% discount* on the regular rental fee for up to three safe-deposit boxes. Visit your local branch to take advantage of the discount.

*Except for safe-deposit boxes in Bualuang Suites

Credit Cards for an Exclusive Lifestyle

Experience exclusive privileges which suit your lifestyle with our credit cards

Bangkok Bank Visa Infinite Card

A credit card that offers exceptional privileges and great experiences for a perfect life. Selected especially for our highly-valued customers.

Bangkok Bank Platinum Leader Card

Welcome to the world of exclusive benefits especially selected for privileged holders of Bangkok Bank Platinum Leader Credit Card.


Bualuang Phone Exclusive
Tel. (66) 0 2645 5999

You will have access to exclusive personal phone banking services
available 24 hours a day, every day.


Bualuang Phone Exclusive
Tel. (66) 0 2645 5999

You will have access to exclusive personal phone banking services available 24 hours a day, every day.

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