Call fraud

A popular trick of criminals is to telephone someone claiming to be a bank officer or government official in an attempt to extract your personal banking information. Learn how to keep yourself safe.

The bank is seeing an increase in attempted scams whereby customers are phoned by people falsely claiming to be officers of Bangkok Bank or a government entity in an attempt to extract their personal banking information. Sometimes a fake phone number which looks like a Bangkok Bank phone number (e.g. 02-645-5555) may be falsely displayed on a mobile phone screen when the fraudsters call. The callers may try to frighten people by saying they are liable for a credit card debt or may tempt them by telling them they eligible for a tax return. They use these tricks to try to convince customers to disclose their personal banking information. Another trick is to try to persuade customers to transfer money to them via an ATM.

Should you receive a suspicious call, please call Bualuang Phone 1333 or (66) 0 2645 5555 to verify or report the call. If you believe that you have been the victim of such a hoax and have transferred funds, please lodge a police report and contact the bank. If you have given out any sensitive information such as your PIN you will need to cancel your cards.

Please note, Bangkok Bank will never call and ask for your account information or PIN, and will never ask you to transfer funds via an ATM. Bangkok Bank will also never call you using a recorded message. Please change your PIN regularly and use up to date anti-virus protection on your computer.

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