Key Benefits

Receive money from Singapore using the mobile phone number that is registered for PromptPay with Bangkok Bank.
The transfer is made via PromptPay (Thailand) and PayNow (Singapore) network.


Receive money from Singapore 24/7


Simply use your mobile phone number registered for PromptPay with Bangkok Bank

No Fee

Receive the full amount in Thai baht

  • How can I receive money via PromptPay International?
    Simply give your name and mobile phone number that you have registered for PromptPay with Bangkok Bank to your sender in Singapore. The sender can then make a transfer via the mobile banking service of the participating bank in Singapore. List of participating banks: United Overseas Bank (UOB), DBS Bank (DBS) and Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC). How to register for PromptPay with Bangkok Bank
    You can also transfer funds to Singapore via PromptPay International. Simply use Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking. View details

  • Are there any fees to receive money? 
    There is no fee to receive money. You will receive in THB the full amount that was sent.

  • How much money can I receive?
    This depends on the sender’s bank in Singapore. In the first phase, you can receive up to 25,000 baht/sender/day.

  • What exchange rate does the Bank use to convert SGD into THB?
    Banks in Singapore will use their exchange rate to convert SGD to THB.

  • What should I do if I do not receive money?
    Please contact your sender in Singapore or call Bualuang Phone 1333.

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