Business Loans

Give your business a boost with Business Loans from Bangkok Bank

Whatever your business requirements we have a loan to suit you including working capital, long-term loans for investment, trade finance, guarantee and aval.

Overdraft (O/D)
An overdraft is the most flexible kind of loan and ideal for working capital – you only use the credit facility when you need it and you don’t have to pay regular installments to pay back the principal.

Term Loan (M/L)
You can apply for a term loan to expand your factory or business, buy new machinery, build an office or invest in fixed assets. The regular monthly repayments make it easy to plan your finances.

Promissory Note (P/N)
Improve your liquidity with promissory notes that can be issued against many kind of trade documents and immediately exchanged for cash.

Clean Bill Discount (CBD)
If you need cash for short-term working capital, we will buy clean bills at discounted rates for a period of up to 90 days.

Trade Finance

Loans for Import
You can apply for an import loan which will provide you with cash flow when you have ordered goods and are waiting for payment.

Loans for Export
You can apply for an export loan for working capital to cover your production costs while you are waiting for payments.

Credit Guarantee

Letter of Guarantee
With a Letter of Guarantee from Bangkok Bank you can easily do business with new and existing customers. Our letters of guarantee are accepted all over the world and will provide you with the confidence that your documents are in order and you will be paid.

Aval and Acceptance of Promissory Note/Bills of Exchange
Bangkok Bank aval, promissory notes and bills of exchange are secure financial instruments that are recognized all over the world and which can readily be exchanged for cash.

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