Merchant Services

Access Customers with High Spending Power

Credit card transactions total more than one hundred billion Baht in Thailand every year which can open up many new doors and opportunities for your business.

Start Accepting Credit Cards Now!

New business opportunities are waiting for you. With our technology and the most efficient credit card network in Thailand - your customers will walk away satisfied when they pay using a credit or debit card. The high purchasing power of credit cards can help to increase your sales and average transaction value.

Point-Of-Sale Purchases
The credit card processing service to help speed up payments at the Point-Of-Sale.

Be Express Pay
Make a sale anywhere, anytime. Keep your business simple … and flexible.

Be Express Pay helps to transform your smartphone or tablet into a payment device that is always easy to use, convenient, and completely secure, wherever 3G/4G or Wi-Fi is available.

Internet Payment Gateway (Merchant iPay)
Attract more customers by providing them with new and convenient ways to pay. The e-commerce (Merchant iPay) service that gives you the opportunity to offer your goods and services anywhere in the world and at anytime of the day or night.

Recurring Payments
Accept credit card payments from your customers at regular intervals and cut down on administrative work.

Mail Order Purchases
Perfect for businesses selling goods or services by direct mail.

Tips/Useful Info
You can discuss the needs of your business with a bank representative by contacting a Business Center near you.  A Relationship Manager will come and see you to discuss and install the equipment that best suits your requirements.
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