Cheque Accounts

Business banking made easy

A Bangkok Bank cheque account helps you to manage your everyday business by giving you access to your finances when you need it.

Opening a Cheque Account

When you open a Bangkok Bank current account you get the benefit of a cheque book to make everyday business life easier to manage.

A current account can be opened with a 20,000Bt deposit at your nearest Business Center. When your account is opened you can purchase a cheque book containing 20 personalized cheques. To replace your cheque book once you run out of cheques, just present the replacement form at the back of your current cheque book at your home branch and we will arrange a new one for you.

Protect Yourself From Bouncing Cheques

If you want to leave as much of your money in your Bangkok Bank savings account as possible but don't want to risk your cheques being returned for lack of funds - then you can protect your cheque account with an overdraft protection agreement. It will automatically transfer the necessary funds from your savings account into your current account which ensures that you have enough to cover your transactions at all times.
Tips/Useful Info
Deposit Protection up to Baht 25 million

Thai baht deposits at Bangkok Bank are protected under the Deposit Protection Agency Act – up to a maximum of 25 million baht until 10 August 2016.

Practical Advice on Deposit Protection
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