Operating Accounts

Simplify your everyday business banking with a Bangkok Bank account

Which account is right for my business?

For everyday banking and interest calculated on a daily basis a Bangkok Bank Savings Account gives you the flexibility to manage your everyday business needs.

You can also choose to open a Current Account if you prefer the convenience of using cheques to pay for everyday business expenses.

A Fixed Deposit Account can be used as collateral for loans, while at the same time making your money work for you by earning a higher rate of interest for fixed terms of 3 months, 6 months, one year or two years.

Online access to your operating accounts

BIZ iBanking is Bangkok Bank’s online banking service for small and medium-sized businesses. A highly secure system, it can be used to transfer funds, manage payroll, pay bills, view account balances and access other great banking features.

Corporate iCash is designed for our large corporate customers and can be used to manage banking, display financial reports, manage liquidity, make payments, forecast cashflow, send messages to customers and suppliers and other great features.

We'll Come to You
If you don't already have an account with Bangkok Bank you can contact us at one of our Business Centers. For other account queries please contact your Relationship Manager or go to your nearest Business Center.
Tips/Useful Info
Dedicated Business Centers
Opening a business account gives you access to our Business Centers where our Relationship Managers are available to help with your business needs at your work place or in the Center.

Quick Access
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