Change your Bangkok Bank ATM card and Be1st magnetic card to a Be1st Smart Chip Card. Today - 31 December 2018. Just visit a Bangkok Bank branch and you will receive your new card free of charge*.

*Conditions apply.

Variety of cards to suit your lifestyle

Be smart and confident and enjoy the convenience of our various Be1st Smart debit chip cards. Choose your preferred card to match your lifestyle. All-in-one card for shopping, cash withdrawals and travel.

Greater security every time you spend and withdraw cash with a chip and 6-digit PIN at an ATM or shop at stores worldwide.

The all-in-one card offers the functions of a Debit card, ATM card and Rabbit card – providing great convenience for shopping, travelling on the BTS and withdrawing cash, as well as the benefits of personal accident insurance.

The card that represents the pride of the Blues with a limited-edition design together with benefits from Chelsea Football Club, Bangkok Bank, Rabbit, Thai Payment Network and UnionPay International. With this all-in-one card you can shop, withdraw cash and travel with ease.

The all-in-one card for urban lifestyles that can be used for shopping, traveling on the BTS and BRT and cash withdrawals. You will also earn Rabbit Points with the card and can redeem them for gifts from the Rabbit Rewards program as well as receive other privileges from us.

Please note:
If you have a Be1st Smart, Be1st Smart Rabbit, Be1st Smart Rabbit Siriraj or Be1st Debit card, you can still use your card until 2019. Also, you can change your existing card to a more secure 6-Digit PIN CHIP card – simply visit a Bangkok Bank branch to receive your new card free of charge.

Download  Details of Be1st Smart Card, Be1st Smart Rabbit Card and Be1st Smart Rabbit Siriraj Card
Download  Details of Be1st Debit Card


From 16 May, all new cards will contain embedded electronic chips to provide the highest level of security unlike magnetic stripe cards.

Chip cards will provide more security and cannot be duplicated by card skimmers.

You can use all chip cards at all Bangkok Bank’s ATMs and Be1st Smart cards at all Bangkok Bank’s ATMs and others accepting chip cards.

Magnetic stripe cards can still be used until 2019. Magnetic stripe cardholders can change their cards to the chip card free of charge. 

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