Your Security First

Protect yourself from electronic crime

Banking via the internet or using electronic channels such as internet banking and Bualuang ATMs is easy, fast and convenient. However, you need to ensure you play your part in protecting your confidential information.

Learn how Bangkok Bank is protecting you, how you can protect yourself safe with prudent security guidelines and other information about the latest frauds and scams.

We use world class security systems with many additional layers of security protection including One Time Password systems for sensitive transactions, Tokens for business users, cutting edge chip technology in our cards and automatic alerts to tell you when your account is accessed.

No matter how high our levels of security, you will still be at risk if you do not take proper precautions. Here are some tips to help you protect your computer and personal and financial information from attack.

Every time you access the internet there is a risk of inadvertently downloading viruses or malware which may steal your personal information. Potential windows include opening suspicious emails, visiting unusual websites, or downloading programs or files.

We are continually developing new ways to protect your personal and financial information. Find out about the new features we have added to increase your Bualuang iBanking security.
Tips/Useful Info
Be SAFE online

Software – should be legitimate and updated

Anti-virus – use real anti-virus program

Familiar – if something looks strange or unusual – don’t proceed – phone the call center and check with our staff

Emails and SMS – read them carefully
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