Corporate iCash

Efficient cash management

In today's competitive business environment, efficient cash management is a key factor in business performance as information about your bank accounts must be accurate, up-to-date and instantly accessible. With Corporate iCash, Bangkok Bank's integrated online service, you can check account information, make transactions and manage your funds.

Benefits of Corporate iCash

With Corporate iCash you can perform most of your daily banking functions including:

  • Reports according to your corporate structure (within a company group): You can display your reports according to your corporate structure, displaying information about account balances and gathering transactions executed within a company group.
  • On demand, intra-day sweep accounts:You can make automatic intra-day sweeps between accounts to efficiently manage your company's liquidity.
  • Payment instructions:You can specify the time when transactions will occur, allowing you to more efficiently manage liquidity. Payment instructions can be made through a single file format.
  • Pre-advice receipt: You can specify when the pre-advice will be sent to the recipient, and can do so through fax, email or SMS.
  • Recurring payments: You can set up standing orders for recurring payments, eliminating the need to send a separate instruction to the bank.
  • Cashflow forecasting: You can generate cash-flow forecasting through iCash, allowing your treasurer to plan their liquidity management.
  • Information access: You can set parameters for viewing and authorizing transactions. For example, a treasurer authorized to approve a payroll instruction can be restricted from accessing the details of payroll information.
  • Online reporting: You can generate online reports and payment documents, such as credit and debit advice, receipts and withholding tax certificates.
  • Broadcast message: You can send electronic messages to your customers and suppliers, a useful tool for supply chain information flow.

Our services

Payments Services: fast, easy and convenient ways of making your payments
Collections Services: helps you collect payments from customers and makes it easy for them to pay 
Liquidity Management Services: make the most of your company accounts
Electronic information Services: be informed of the latest market changes and keep track of your finances on-line

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