Bualuang iFunds

Fund management services at your fingertips

Bualuang iFunds for commitees and members is a convenient, reliable and secure online service which enables you to track the progress of your provident fund information anytime of the day or night.

Bualuang iFund transactions are processed though a secure-web base application using https protocol, providing a secure interface between your internet browser and Bangkok Bank’s server. The secure transport https protocol offers a layer of encryption and has come to be regarded as a trusted and widely used mechanism, protecting the transmission of data and insuring that it cannot be captured by a third party. To log on to Bualuang iFunds go directly to https://ifunds.bangkokbank.com

Moreover, member can make a switching order via an internet channel by create a new investment option by apply a new proportion for  current investment only (Rebalance) and/or apply a new proportion for a new investment only (Reallocate).

Services for Fund Committees

  • Members' Balance Report
  • Monthly Members' Contribution Report

Services for Fund Members

  • Individual Summary Report
  • Individual Summary every 6 month and 12 month Report


Quick Access
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