Corporate Social Responsibility

Bangkok Bank has maintained its commitment to managing its business for sustainable growth in line with widely-accepted guidelines for the development of sustainable business. The Bank supports and operates many community projects and activities.


Bangkok Bank focuses on strengthening its business using its rich depth of knowledge and experience, business networks, marketing strength and quality products and services in order to meet customers’ needs and grow with them. This approach applies to all of its major customer groups including large corporations, small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), farmers and farming businesses, and consumers. Accordingly, the Bank initiates various projects and activities as appropriate for each customer group, as well as for the general public.


Bangkok Bank believes that a peaceful society is necessary to support sustainable economic growth. The Bank therefore undertakes projects and activities to enhance the quality and stability of society, such as providing education opportunities for Thai youth, preserving the gracious Thai art and culture, sustaining religion, upholding the monarchy, and supporting public welfare activities in general.


Bangkok Bank realizes that natural resources and the environment are essential for human life. The Bank therefore stresses protecting the environment with both internal and external activities to promote effective use of resources. Activities include campaigns to encourage employees and the Bank’s stakeholders to be aware of the need for preservation of energy, natural resources, and the environment, in parallel with sustainable development of its business.
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