Promotion of Educational Opportunities

We have always placed great emphasis on creating value for society especially through educational development as we believe that education is the most sustainable form of giving. In line with our commitment to be a trusted partner and reliable close friend, the Bank's employees are engaged to apply their knowledge and skills to work with target schools and local communities. This aims to create mutual understanding between our employees and local stakeholders and bring them to work together in a common goal.

The CONNEXT ED Education Project

We were one of 12 private organizations that founded the Leadership Program for Sustainable Education Development, which is now known as the CONNEXT ED Project, in 2016 under the concept of creating collaboration between all sectors to create a culture of participation to develop Thai education towards sustainability. In 2021, we continued to aspire to be a trusted partner in education by collaborating with government agencies and the private sector to promote New Normal teaching and learning so that schools could manage the Covid-19 situation and be ready to adopt contemporary learning and teaching methods to meet the changing environment. We have supported 104 branch managers to act as school partners to coordinate and work with 236 schools in 54 provinces. We also supported these school partners to attend the Leadership Program for Sustainable Education Development 2021 which was available online. This in turn developed their capabilities and leadership skills which will be beneficial for their work with schools and at the Bank, and also for their daily lives.

CONNEXT ED Crowdfunding

We participated in supporting those schools under CONNEXT ED project through CONNEXT ED crowdfunding using an online platform. This project helped create equal educational opportunity for Thai children and youth no matter where they live, including those in remote areas. We invited all sectors as well as our executives and fellow employees to make donations in support of the development plan of CONNEXT ED schools to fulfill educational opportunities through many learning channels e.g. online, offline or any platform that the children in remote areas can access for their education.

Bualuang Kor Kan Kru Project for Teachers

In collaboration with Thammasat University and the Office of the Basic Education Commission, we continued the Bualuang Kor Kan Kru project to develop school administrators and teachers so that they are ready to adopt the competency-based educational management concept under Bualuang Kor Karn Khru actional research project. The project began with eight model schools in Udon Thani Province before expanding to other schools under the Bank’s sponsorship. We helped arrange brainstorming forums to connect networks of administrators, teachers, educational supervisors, parents and business representatives, along with relevant community leaders. During these sessions, participants shared their views on how to design a school curriculum that truly corresponds to the needs of each school and community, and how to build strong and sustainable learning networks. We also supported the organization of 27 online learning activities for communities to build strong and sustainable learning networks during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Partnership School Project: Action Research to pilot Competency Based Education

Together with the Ministry of Education, we support the Partnership School Project to promote a school as a source of lifelong learning. The project started in two schools namely Ban Bang Mak School, Trang Province, and Wat Niweswutharam School, Nakhon Sawan Province. We cooperated with Thammasat University and the Office of the Basic Education Commission to upgrade the schools’ standards according to the competency-based education concept, while also supporting online learning to link administrators, teachers, staff of the school, and the relevant supervisors by opening a learning space through online channels during the Covid-19 pandemic. We also encourage schools that have good educational management plans but are in a different community to join a network to exchange experiences and talk about ways to develop education together.

Bangkok Bank Scholarships

We give employees and the general public opportunities to study for a Master's Degree (English Program) at both domestic and overseas institutions. The goal is to award 25 scholarships per year to study for an MBA, finance, and digital & technology fields. Since the scholarship project was initiated, we have awarded more than 175 scholarships, totaling 273 million baht. All scholarship recipients have become Bank employees, with 27 percent of the scholarship students advancing in their careers to become Bank executives.

Children's Day Book Project

Happy children are more likely to grow up as successful adults. In 2021, the Children’s Day event could not be organized due to the Covid-19 pandemic so we delivered gifts to primary school students across the country. The gifts were notebooks, income-expense diaries, crayon boxes, piggy banks, and colored cloth bags. We also organized virtual Children's Day activities via our official LINE account to encourage children to live their dreams.


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