CPF (Thailand) Public Company Limited, the Leading Agro-Industrial and Food Conglomerate, will issue Unsubordinated and Unsecured Debentures with Debenture holders’ Representative No. 1/2023 

The Debentures were assigned a credit rating of “A+/ Stable outlook” (as of March 31, 2022).


No. 1/2023 

Fixed Coupon Rate
(6-month interest payment)

Tranche 1
Tenor: 5 years

3.20 % p.a.

Tranche 2
Tenor: 10 years

4.00 % p.a.


The offering price per unit is 1,000 baht with the minimum subscription amount of 100,000 baht and subsequent multiples of 100,000 baht (for High Net Worth Investors)

Offering to: Institutional investors and/or high net-worth investors

Subscription period: January 26-27 and 30, 2023




Subscription Channels

Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking

Bangkok Bank Branches
(except Micro Branches)

For more information, please call Bualuang Phone 1333.


  • An investment is subject to risks. Investors should study information carefully regarding the characteristics of product, return, and risk prior to making investment decision. 
  • For more information, investors may download the Registration Statement and Draft Prospectus available at www.sec.or.th
  • The selling of the Debentures before maturity date can only be made in the secondary market. Investors may receive a lower amount upon sale than the original investment or may not be able to sell immediately, depending on prevailing market conditions.
  • Investors can contact Bangkok Bank at 0 2645 5555 or www.bangkokbank.com/B-Advice for additional advice before deciding to invest.


  • The allotment of the debentures to subscribers shall be at the absolute discretion of the Joint Lead Arrangers, as disclosed in the Registration Statement and Draft Prospectus

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