Supplier Code of Conduct

The Bank strives to do business with integrity, good governance practices, and responsibility to all stakeholders, society, and the environment in accordance with sustainable development approach. The Bank emphasizes the importance of communicating and disseminating the approach to our supply chain partners by establishing this Supplier Code of Conduct, covering environmental, social and governance aspects. The Bank expects those in our supply chain to uphold and adopt the standards set forth in this Supplier Code of Conduct.

The Bank expects those in our supply chain to be fair and transparent in their business conduct, respect human rights and labor rights, and safeguard the environment in accordance with this Supplier Code of Conduct. The Bank has monitoring procedures and is willing to support those in our supply chain to fully conform with the Code in order to build a secure and efficient supply chain that creates value to society and the environment.


The Supplier Code of Conduct covers all those in the Bank’s supply chain, namely suppliers, contractors, and external service providers.


The Bank expects those in our supply chain to conduct their own business as follows:

1. Environment

  • To conform with the environmental laws, regulations, and standards.
  • To consider environmental risks and impacts as well as climate change in their business operations and have an appropriate management approach to prevent and mitigate environmental risks and impacts.
  • To recognize the value of the environment and natural resources, conserve natural resources, and support activities that promote sustainable management of the environment and natural resources.  

2. Society

2.1 Human Rights

To respect human rights in accordance with domestic laws and international standards such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions.

2.2 Labor Practices

  • To conform with labor laws, regulations, and principles.
  • To respect labor rights and treat employees fairly and equitably without discrimination of any kind based on race, gender, age, nationality, religion, marital and family status, pregnancy, disability and other status.
  • To prohibit all forms of forced labor, child labor, illegal employment of migrant workers, and do not require young and female workers to perform dangerous works or other works prohibited by law.
  • To obtain the consent of employees for working overtime or during holidays and permit employees to take holidays and leave in accordance with the law.
  • To pay wages, overtime pay, holiday pay, and other pecuniary benefits related to employment appropriately and fairly in accordance with the law.
  • To ensure employees work in safe and healthy conditions that are conducive to mental health, wellbeing, and productivity in accordance with the standards enacted by law.
  • To have an appropriate emergency preparedness and response plan and prepare relevant safety equipment that is readily available to be used on site.

2.3 Community Rights

To conduct business with respect for community rights, including having impact mitigation measures and fair remediation plans for affected communities.

3. Governance

  • To conduct business with ethics, integrity, and transparency, and do not support corruption in any form.
  • To comply with fair and honest competition based on ethics and integrity, and do not unfairly restrict trade and competition.
  • To protect and not disclose the Bank’s confidential information or private information of employees and customers without consent, unless required to do so by law enforcement.
  • To avoid any violation or breach of intellectual property rights of the Bank or other persons.
  • To avoid any action that negatively impacts or damages the reputation of the Bank.

The Bank reviews the Supplier Code of Conduct on an annual basis or when there is a significant circumstance that merits it. The Bank will communicate the Code to all stakeholders whenever there is a material change in the content.


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