SIP Alumni - For Thai students studying abroad and in English programs in Thailand

“I was able to not only learn the theories, but I was also able to implement it to a real life setting (our business plan). I thought it was a valuable experience to be able to take what you learn and implement it.

Papin Chirathivat (Pin)

SIP 75

Economics University of Pennsylvania

“I've made lots of adorable new friends here, and I've also gained a lot of wonderful experiences in the program.

Jirayu Nimmakulvirut (Pete)

SIP 75

Luxury Brand Management Regent’s University London

“Sip expands my understanding of business and real experience. And I’ve gained inspiration from both friends and experts that I can directly apply to my family business. This is the most enriching experience of my life!

Irene Phansaichua (Irene)

SIP 75

Communication design minor marketing Mahidol University

“I’ve been keeping up with SIP updates for a while. When I joined in, I gained business acumen through hands-on projects with new friends. It was an amazing experience and a lot of fun!

Nabhop Jungsanguanpornsuk (Teddy)

SIP 75

Business Management Boston University

“I've gained valuable insights from expert speakers and made really warm friendships. It's been a truly wonderful experience in my life.

Aiya Sosannoi (Aiya)

SIP 75

Faculty of Architecture and Planning Thammasat University

“I've garnered from this experience goes beyond mere business insights, it's the friendships and lasting bonds that truly stand out

Sawonya Kittipattananon (Fah)

SIP 75

Faculty of Engineering King s College London

“SIP Program taught me and prepared me for rapid transformation in modern business. It also helped me to be a better leader towards myself, Coworker and Society.”

Jirakit Kuariyakul (Toptap)

SIP 71

Marketing, Mahidol University International College

“Though it was a short time in SIP Program, I got many memorable life opportunities such working with the experts, doing the ‘Business Project’ and also building valuable with other friends from university.”

Thaya Jaruekjanyanam (Bam)

SIP 71

Business & Management, Chulalongkorn University (International Program)

“SIP Program widen my perspective and has developed me to be a better person, more disciplined and increased my creativity in applying theory to practice. It made me a person who never stop learning and one of the best parts is the friendship that I made with staff and friends in the program.”

Serene Phongpandecha (Ant)

SIP 71

Economics, University of California, San Diego (UCSD), United States

“Someone said 'Lucky person is the one who found opportunity and grab it, while the unlucky person found it but let it go' I am the lucky one to grab the opportunity called ‘SIP Program’.”

Attawee Pornjaiharn (Talay)

SIP 71

Liberal Studies (Political Science), Regent's University London

Qualifications and Required Documents


Required Documents


  • Not more than 25 years old


  • Thai students undertaking full-time study in Thailand. Students can study in any field and at any educational institute.


  • Bachelor’s Degree
    • Those studying abroad must have completed at least the second year of the undergraduate course
    • Those studying in English programs in Thailand must have completed at least the third year of the undergraduate course
  • Master’s and Doctoral Degree


  • Must be able to participate in the whole training session



Undergraduate and postgraduate students who are interested in this program should have graduated no more than 6 months previously. Anyone wishing to apply for the program should provide a confirmation letter for studying at a higher educational level.

  • A copy of your identification card or passport
  • Academic transcript (all curricula)
  • Certificate of student status
  • Two 1-inch color photos (Please bring on the entrance examination date)


Please send to within 3 days after online registration. 

- Your application cannot be processed if your documentation is not complete.


Apply Online

May 8-23, 2024

Selection period

June 12-13, June 19, 2024

Program acceptance announcement

July 9, 2024

Program session

July 16, 2024 - August 7, 2024

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