Community Development


To build relationships and create shared value with the community by helping communities cope with environmental and social challenges by promoting climate change mitigation and adaptation for sustainable community development


Business and society have a mutually beneficial and complementary relationship. Businesses can strengthen the community by providing employment and producing goods and services, as well as sponsoring and taking part in activities that help develop skills, abilities and solve problems in the community. Meanwhile, a strong and self-reliant community provides an environment conducive to sustainable business growth. We are committed to promoting strong community development through various social activities either by ourselves or in cooperation with partners. Our framework for community development is determined in response to major challenges in Thailand such as an aging society, economic and social inequality, and environmental issues including climate change mitigation. Moreover, we recognize the importance of promoting and maintaining Thailand’s arts and crafts heritage and nurturing religion, which are the foundation and identity of Thai society. It is our belief that building a strong community from the inside shall contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals.
Management Approach
We have established a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy that serves as direction, criteria and guiding framework for community and social development activities of the Bank, as well as those subsidiaries in our financial business group where appropriate. We seek to further promote awareness, understanding and appreciation among our employees in the value and importance of community and social development. We always provide opportunities for them to take part in various social activities while giving them necessary resources. Employees are encouraged to join a few longstanding volunteer and charity groups inside the Bank, such as the Bualuang Charity Group (Bualuang Bamphen Prayot), and participate in various charitable as well as social development activities that are organized regularly so as to conduct good deeds and accumulate merits. The Bank’s Public Relations Department is tasked as the major business unit responsible for planning our community development activities and managing the concerned resources and budgets. However, other business units of the Bank also can and are encouraged to initiate and carry out community development activities related to their work. In this case, each such business unit is responsible for supervising and monitoring the implementation of the activities to achieve their specified objectives.
Key Activities

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

Under the Bank’s corporate social responsibility umbrella, our community development activities are determined with due consideration of such factors as alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Thailand’s prevailing major challenges to sustainable development, the fostering and deepening of relationships with our customers and business partners, our business strategy, our areas of expertise, availability of resources, and also our public image. This will ensure that community activities that we sponsor or engage in will benefit the community, the Bank, and our employees who participate in various activities. We communicate with and encourage employees to participate in social activities that suit their preference and interests so that they can take pride in their contribution to the community at large and be inspired to continually do their best in their duties. Our community development activities fall into six categories: supporting the well-being of the community and society; supporting access to healthcare for vulnerable groups and medical development; youth development and promotion of educational opportunities; strengthening the agricultural sector and SME; promotion and conservation of Thai arts and culture; and upholding religions. The details are as follows:

Supporting the Well-being of the Community and Society

Bualuang Joins the Community to Solve Drought Project

We support the Utokapat Foundation under the royal patronage of H.M. the King in the management of community water resources following the royal initiative, a project which is now into the ninth consecutive year. This also includes educating successful water management techniques which enable the communities to manage their water resources effectively by themselves. This effort through the years has resulted in a significant increase in the amount of water storage and supply to local agricultural plots targeted. The Foundation has also equipped the communities with the capability to better cope with the impacts of climate change now and in the future. The project has created more than 70 model communities, helped to alleviate flooding and drought problems for 124,349 households covering 1,125,511 rai (180,081.76 hectares) of agricultural land, increased water reserves by over 29 million cubic meters, and created value of up to Baht 6.34 million for 843 households from agriculture production during the dry season. In 2021, we joined with the Bualuang Foundation and Utokapat Foundation in the project Bualuang Joins the Community to Solve Drought for the second consecutive year as we recognize that sustainable water management will help communities to have a better quality of life and adequate supply of clean water for consumption and agriculture, while helping to alleviate flooding and drought problems. The project has strengthened the communities’ ability to manage water resources by themselves in line with the royal initiative. Covering 13 communities in nine provinces from four regions, this project provided for infrastructures required such as weirs, ponds, or reservoirs, pumping systems with solar cells and floodgates, while building a network to expand the results to more areas.

Youth Development and Promotion of Educational Opportunities

We have always placed great emphasis on creating value for society especially through educational development as we believe that education is the most sustainable form of giving. In line with our commitment to be a trusted partner and reliable close friend, the Bank's employees are engaged to apply their knowledge and skills to work with target schools and local communities. This aims to create mutual understanding between our employees and local stakeholders and bring them to work together in a common goal.

The CONNEXT ED Education Project

We were one of 12 private organizations that founded the Leadership Program for Sustainable Education Development, which is now known as the CONNEXT ED Project, in 2016 under the concept of creating collaboration between all sectors to create a culture of participation to develop Thai education towards sustainability. In 2021, we continued to aspire to be a trusted partner in education by collaborating with government agencies and the private sector to promote New Normal teaching and learning so that schools could manage the Covid-19 situation and be ready to adopt contemporary learning and teaching methods to meet the changing environment. We have supported 104 branch managers to act as school partners to coordinate and work with 236 schools in 54 provinces. We also supported these school partners to attend the Leadership Program for Sustainable Education Development 2021 which was available online. This in turn developed their capabilities and leadership skills which will be beneficial for their work with schools and at the Bank, and also for their daily lives.

CONNEXT ED Crowdfunding

We participated in supporting those schools under CONNEXT ED project through CONNEXT ED crowdfunding using an online platform. This project helped create equal educational opportunity for Thai children and youth no matter where they live, including those in remote areas. We invited all sectors as well as our executives and fellow employees to make donations in support of the development plan of CONNEXT ED schools to fulfill educational opportunities through many learning channels e.g. online, offline or any platform that the children in remote areas can access for their education.

Bualuang Kor Kan Kru Project for Teachers

In collaboration with Thammasat University and the Office of the Basic Education Commission, we continued the Bualuang Kor Kan Kru project to develop school administrators and teachers so that they are ready to adopt the competency-based educational management concept under Bualuang Kor Karn Khru actional research project. The project began with eight model schools in Udon Thani Province before expanding to other schools under the Bank’s sponsorship. We helped arrange brainstorming forums to connect networks of administrators, teachers, educational supervisors, parents and business representatives, along with relevant community leaders. During these sessions, participants shared their views on how to design a school curriculum that truly corresponds to the needs of each school and community, and how to build strong and sustainable learning networks. We also supported the organization of 27 online learning activities for communities to build strong and sustainable learning networks during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Strengthening the Agricultural Sector and SME

Modern Agriculture

We have been working on the Modern Agriculture project for over 23 consecutive years to promote the sustainable development of the agricultural sector through a range of initiatives, such as educating farmers on how to increase productivity and improve products, supporting the development of a farmer network for sharing knowledge, co-creating marketing opportunities, and supporting the modern marketing and the use of new technologies. Activities include seminars, meetings, field trips, and an annual Modern Agriculture Fair Day (except in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic) at the Bank’s Head Office for farmers to bring quality agricultural products to sell and to meet consumers in person and discuss their products with them.

In 2021, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we continued to support farmers by disseminating success stories of the modern agriculturists as well as sharing interesting information with farmers and agribusiness through the Bank's online channels. We also also carried out a project Effective Management to Increase Rice Yields (not burning paddy stubble means more returns), showcasing the model fields in Muang District, Kanchanaburi Province, and Prasat District, Surin Province. A seminar about the use of fertilizers and developing good soil was joined by experts in the soil nutrients and experienced farmers, and held at the Bank’s Head Office under stringent security measures for preventing the spread of Covid-19.

Bualuang SME Club

We supported the establishment of the Bualuang SME Club in 2003 with the aim of creating a cooperative network for club members. Since then we have regularly supported activities such as training seminars, study tours, business matching, and provided space at the Bank for club members to sell products to employees, the Bank’s customers, and the general public. In 2021, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we maintained our commitment to supporting various activities of the club, such as promoting the sale of members' products through online channels, organizing webinars on topics relevant to SME such as “Know the Truth…Financial Statements can be used to Adjust a Business in a Critical Era”, “Turn Crisis into Opportunity with 360 Strategies”, “Omni Channel Marketing: Key Strategy in New Normal”, “SME Business Strategies in the Post- Covid-19 and New Normal”, and “Business Survival During the Covid-19 Crisis and New Normal”. More than 100 participants joined each seminar.


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