Customer Relationship Management


To prioritize customer-centricity and relationships with all generations by listening to customer needs and investing in employee skills and attitudes to deliver the best service experience


Not only has keeping close to customers always been important for the Bank, but also the way we manage relationship with customers. Due to rapid changes in customers’ needs and expectations, promptly understanding and responding to customers’ ever-changing demands are key success factors in enhancing the competitiveness of the Bank. In addition, the Bank emphasizes a customer-centric approach to manage and retain relationships with customers, not only existing ones but those of the next generation. This means always listening to customers to help improve our products and services – as customers matter most to the Bank.
Management Approach
The key success factor for the Bank in managing customer relationships is to adopt a customer-centric approach and retain customer relationship across all generations by listening to their points of view and understanding the different needs of each customer segment. We continue to improve service channels that correspond to lifestyles in the digital age and deliver a seamless experience by introducing a variety of financial products and services that meet their needs, while maintaining a service quality that meets the standards covering market conduct principles. Our objective is to create a good customer experience and build engagement, confidence and the trust of customers in the Bank. Moreover, we conduct in-depth studies to understand customer needs and behaviors by using data from research papers, customer satisfaction surveys, social listening etc. Digital, technology and behavioral analytics tools are used for such studies with the objective to develop products and services that match customers’ needs. At the same time, to alleviate any negative feedback from using the Bank’s products and services, we have established proper procedures and guidelines to manage customer relationships.

Guidelines to manage Customer Relationships

Capability Development for Service Providers

Market conduct is considered a basic principle that the Bank has adhered to for a long time to ensure that customer services are conducted fairly, equally and without discrimination. The Bank issued principles and guidelines related to market conduct as well as prepared operational manuals so that employees can properly comply. The Bank regularly monitors this to ensure that services provided by its employees are in alignment with the Bank’s code of conduct and related guidelines on market conduct the Bank adopted. Furthermore, communication and knowledge training are conducted on a regular basis to encourage employees to have full understanding of products and services offered by the Bank as well as the understanding of and respect for customer rights. This will ensure that our employees are able to deliver quality services that satisfy customers.
Key Activities
Customer Satisfaction Survey

We value feedback from every customer as it reflects on the quality of our products and services and enables us to understand their needs. The Bank is unable to address the true needs of customers if their voices are not heard. We therefore conduct customer satisfaction surveys across all service channels to gather comments, suggestions and complaints to help us improve our products and services to best address customer needs.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results for Branch Services

The customer satisfaction survey on branch services surveys more than 75,000 branch customers per year and covers every branch. Survey results are communicated to all branch managers so that they can use the insights to improve the service quality standards of their staff and branches.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results for Mobile Banking

The Bank runs a customer satisfaction survey for mobile banking services every six months. For this survey, we invite customer feedback and in-depth opinions through focus groups to understand expectations about the Bank’s products and services covering three facets: daily finance, finance for liquidity and saving and investment support. We carefully analyze the feedback and comments to help develop new features for our Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking app to better cater to the needs of customers.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results for Bualuang Phone

The Bank collects and records information from its phone banking services (Bualuang Phone 1333) for both interactive voice response (IVR) and customer support representatives (CSR). Customers can grade their experience and leave a voice message to provide feedback right after a call. The Bank utilizes results from the survey, as well as other information and statistics such as dropout rate, volume of calls over a period of time, voice records and assessment results from individual CSR agents to improve and elevate service quality for the future.


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