Digitalization and Innovation


To develop the Bank’s digital solutions and adapt technology to create a better customer experience through technological transformation, and build capabilities to meet changing demands of all generations


Technological breakthroughs have significantly changed the behavior and needs of customers for financial services, bringing about opportunities and challenges to our business operations. Modern technology helps us to serve customers more conveniently and quickly while also reducing costs. Moreover, digital technology and big data enable us to better understand our customers’ behavior and needs, helping us to develop products and services that meet the requirements of customers. On the other hand, technological development brings intense and open competition. As a result, the Bank needs to adapt itself by applying various technologies to develop products and services suited to future changes and create long-term competitive advantages over competitors, whether they be financial institutions or non-financial businesses. We have continually developed new products and services by harnessing technologies to make our working processes more efficient. This helps simplify the process and reduces time and human error, enabling us to better serve customers quickly and accurately. We have applied artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics to deliver the right products to a wider range of customers and ensure customers receive products that meet their needs in a timely manner. All of this helps to enhance our competitiveness and promote our position as a trusted partner and reliable close friend standing alongside our customers in every situation.
Management Approach
Our digitalization and innovation development requires good coordination across three areas: 1. Technology Division; 2. Innovation Department; and 3. Other units including business units that own the products and services and support units concerned such as the Compliance and Risk Management Division. To support the development of the Bank’s products and services that meet high-quality standards and also specifically respond to customer needs. We have also introduced new initiatives and digital technology to help enhance our working efficiency and develop products and services.

Key Activities

Product and Service Development

Our product and service development process begins with a study of market trends and customer needs; designing and defining details; assessing and managing the risks involved, such as money laundering, personal data protection and data security, as well as ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and regulations, and prototyping products and services. However, as newly developed digital products and services may have some issues, as well as unexpected risks or consequences, we first test them in a small focus group. We tested products by ourselves and also participated in the Bank of Thailand’s Regulatory Sandbox. We monitored test results and made necessary enhancements to ensure our products and services comply with regulatory standards or regulations and are safe, easy to use and truly beneficial to users.

Products and Services

Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking

We have continuously developed our mobile banking application. The product has been redesigned with new, more modern and easier to use features added to support the lifestyles and fulfill the needs of customers. In 2021, we added new services and features to meet the investment and financial needs of customers.

Mobile ID Verification Service via the atta Application

Mobile ID is a form of Digital ID that connects a mobile phone number with a data set from an ID card, enabling customers to use a mobile phone number to verify their identity. In 2021, we started to provide identity verification services with Mobile ID. Customers of mobile network operators AIS, DTAC, and TrueMove H, who have applied for the Mobile ID service and successfully verified themselves with a network operator, can use the Mobile ID to verify their identity through a smartphone application called atta, developed by us (for both iOS and Android operating systems), to open an online account and apply for our mobile banking service. Mobile ID can also be used to verify the ownership of a mobile phone number when opening an account at one of our branches. This verification allows customers to conduct various transactions conveniently and securely as we have adopted sophisticated technologies such as blockchain and multi-verification components to support our services.

BeMerchant NextGen

We have launched the BeMerchant NextGen service, a cashless QR Code payment system, to manage sales and payment for various merchants including informal vendors. A merchant is able to receive payments via QR Code covering all platforms such as PromptPay, Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, TPN, and WeChat Pay or Alipay, in real time which helps to avoid contact with cash and reduces the risk of transmitting Covid-19.

Bualuang iSupply

We have developed Bualuang iSupply, a comprehensive online financial service for trading networks which integrates payment/receiving payments for goods and services with online short-term revolving credits, enabled by the use of technology systems, to provide easy and convenient access to finance. The system, which utilizes actual trade data submitted by sponsors, covers two areas of service: Dealer Payment and Finance, and Supplier Payment and Finance. Bualuang iSupply service can create mutual benefits for all parties in the business network. A sponsor has the opportunity to expand their business with their counterparties and reduce the inconvenience of paper financial transactions. The service helps to encourage suppliers/dealers which are mostly SME that have limited access to financial institutions' funding due to lack of collateral and insufficient information to apply for loans with favorable conditions. The Bualuang iSupply service can also help save time for both the sponsors and suppliers/dealers as transactions can be made 24 hours a day. It helps create competitive advantages for the business and promote sustainable business growth.

Corporate iCash

Corporate iCash is an online banking service for facilitating corporate customers. It can support a variety of transactions, such as browsing accounting reports, money transfers to partners and employees, transaction statement inquiry, and intra-group transactions as well as accepting payments that are convenient, fast, and secure. We provide the service to two groups of customers: 1. Domestic corporates; and 2. Corporates having or expanding businesses overseas which have accounts with our overseas branches.


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