Employee Welfare and Well-being


To promote a happy and innovative work environment to foster all aspects of employee well-being, enhance relationships and engagement with the Bank, and sustain long-term productivity


All employees are an important part of our process to create value for all stakeholders. They are also a critical factor in enabling us to achieve our goals. We are committed to providing compensation and welfare that is fair and sufficient to provide security to our employees. We foster occupational health and safety in the workplace, treat all employees fairly and equitably, and enhance their knowledge and skills so that all employees can work to their full potential. Taking good care of employees will help them to have a good spirit and good physical and mental health, resulting in a dedicated and high performing workforce. Caring for employees also fosters their loyalty to and engagement with the Bank throughout their career, which is the foundation for our path toward sustainable growth.
Compensation and Welfare
We have a policy of determining compensation, welfare and employee benefits without discrimination and regardless of gender, age, nationality or religion. Remuneration is determined based on job characteristics, duties, responsibilities, skills, abilities, and experience. Compensation and benefits are determined based on an individual employee’s performance and the Bank’s performance. Compensation is set at a level that is competitive with our competition in the same business sector. We participate in the Banking Compensation and Benefit Survey every year and use these survey results to consider adjusting the Bank’s compensation and welfare to be at a level that is competitive with our competitors and to encourage and motivate employees to perform at their best. We allocate appropriate and adequate welfare with additional benefits to employees, such as healthcare services, loans, and assistance to retirees, by adhering to the principles of equity and inclusiveness to help ease concerns and relieve the burden of employees and their families.
Good Health Promotion, Healthy Family Relationships
We believe that good physical and mental health of employees will increase productivity and lead to a longer working life. Therefore, it is important to promote good health and healthy relationships between employees and their families through providing adequate and appropriate welfare services. The Bank provide various healthcare services as Healthcare Centers, Annual Heath Checkup, Influenza and Covid-19 Vaccination Service, Managing Stress and Mental Health Issues, Mom’s Room and Sports Venues.
Occupational Health and Safety
We provide occupational health and safety in compliance with the rules and regulations and relevant laws, and encourage employees from various departments within the workplace to participate. We employ outsourced and external auditors with specialized expertise to conduct annual environmental assessments. This covers building safety, building equipment, electrical systems, sound levels, and air quality in the workplace to comply with national and international laws and standards such as the Singapore Standard SS 544:2009 Code of Practice for Indoor Air Quality for Air-Conditioned Buildings. To ensure a safe working environment, we arrange for regular cleaning of the workplace and regular maintenance of appliances and office air conditioners and indoor Air Handling Units (AHU) to ensure continued safety for use.

The Bank sets a process and procedure to investigate injuries, ill health, and incidents which cause from work or workplace environment. This is set as a clear flow to allow the bank to be able to identify and diagnose the causes of those injuries, etc. effectively and help our staff be able to receive the treatment and compensation fund according to the policy and government regulations.

The Bank provided training about occupational health and safety knowledge for all employees such as fire safety and Bank safety systems and regular events are held to refresh their knowledge. This includes annual fire evacuation drills and firefighting training every year so that employees are well-prepared for any fire incidents, helping to reduce the risk of property damage or loss of life.
Data of Employees


Employees Data


Age groups

<30 years old


30-50 years old


>50 years old



Female in total workforce


Female in all management positions


Female in top management positions


Female in junior management positions


Female in management positions in revenue-generating functions


Female in STEM-related positions



Thai nationality in all management positions


Compensation and Welfare

Ratio of compensation of male to female employees

Executive level (base salary only)


Executive level (base salary + other cash incentives)


Management level (base salary only)


Management level (base salary + other cash incentives)


Non-management level


Mean annual compensation of all employees, except the CEO (Baht)



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