Key Benefits

Providing fluidity for SMEs

For SMEs that invest in environmentally friendly businesses, through Reuse and Recycle, and emit no pollutants. This also applies to investments in organic agriculture produce and products that can significantly reduce the use of chemicals harmful to the environment.

High credit limit, low interest

Credit limit up to 50 million baht. Maximum of 8 years repayment period. Special interest rates. Payment can be made conveniently through account auto-debit.

Convenient and simple

Investments with clear objectives to help reduce the amount of pollutions. Credit approval with financial statements submitted to the Tax & Revenue Department.

Loan Details

  • Available for business investments in the renewable energy sector that relates to any production of clean energy that emits zero air pollution or releases no carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere. For example, solar, wind and hydro power that replaces fossil energy, coal-fired power or petroleum and biomass fuels.
  • Investments in recyclable materials through Reuse and Recycle concepts, i.e., bringing plastic, paper, and metal waste into use again; wastewater treatment; garbage recycling and management.
  • Investments in organic agriculture produce and products, natural fertilizers, bio fertilizers, businesses that reduce the amount of chemicals that cause environmental problems, biodegradable packaging, and green raw materials.
Key Features
Type of Service
Term loan


Credit Limit
Up to 50 million baht


Interest Rate
For loan, MLR-1.0% per annum


Repayment Period
Maximum of 8 years


Front End Fee
0.5% of approved credit


Prepayment Penalty
Prepayment fee of up to 3.0% of the prepayment amount


Appraisal Fee
0.25% of approved credit limit at a minimum of 3,000 baht (exclusive of VAT)


  • In case of immovable property collateral within 25,000 baht (exclusive of VAT)
  • In case of movable property collateral within 20,000 baht (exclusive of VAT)


Bank deposit, land, fixed asset, machinery, Bor Sor Yor, and personal guarantee, or per Bank requirement


Late Fee


Project Due Date
December 31, 2021
Qualification of Applicant
  • Must be a private or corporate individual of Thai nationality
  • Has the most recent year of financial statements showing net profit submitted to the Tax & Revenue Department, with shareholder’s shares showing no loss.
  • Has D : E Ratio (including the current loan limit request) =< 3
  • Has never been sued or found guilty in any monetary cases.
  • Other qualifications per Bank request.
Required Documents

Required Documents

for Juristic Persons

Juristic Persons

signatory/Shareholders of over 20%

Identification Documents

A copy of Thai Citizen ID card;


A copy of house registration;


A copy of name/surname change certificate (if any);


A copy of marriage/divorce certificate (if any)


A copy of trade or commercial registration;



Certificate of Juristic Person Registration from the Ministry of Commerce, objectives and articles of association (no more than 1 month);


The Memorandum of Association (no more than 3 months);


List of shareholders (no more than 3 months);


Certificate of corporate seal;


Financial Documents

A copy of account statement from financial institutions for the past 6 months;

A copy of financial statement submitted to the Tax & Revenue Department


A copy of Por.Por 30 form for the past 6 months.


Collateral Documents

A copy of certificate of ownership for properties to be pledged as collateral, e.g. title deed, building ownership documents (for buildings), a copy of passbook (for deposit guarantee), etc.



Note: The Bank reserves the right to approve loans under the Bank's terms and conditions.

Product Catalog: Bualuang Green Loan
Insurance Details for Loan Application
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For business and financial advice, please visit our business center