Key Benefits

Starting your own franchise business can be simple

You can apply for a loan to fund your business even without any work experience.

High Credit Limit, Easy Installments

Credit limit up to 5 million baht. Maximum of 7 years repayment period and special interest rates. Payment can be made conveniently through account auto-debit.

Loan Details

The loan is available for the funding of any franchise businesses
Key Features
Type of Service
Term loan


Credit Limit
Up to 70% of investment funds required per branch (with a maximum of 5 million baht)


Interest Rate
Up to MRR+2% per year (depending on the risk profile of individual franchise)


Repayment Period
Maximum of 7 years (not to exceed the franchise contract period)


Front End Fee
Minimum of 1% of approved credit (with a maximum of 3%)


Prepayment Penalty
Prepayment fee of up to 3.0% of the prepayment amount


Appraisal Fee
0.25% of approved credit limit at a minimum of 3,000 baht (exclusive of VAT)


  • In case of immovable property collateral within 25,000 baht (exclusive of VAT)
  • In case of movable property collateral within 20,000 baht (exclusive of VAT)


Bank deposit, land, fixed asset, machinery, Bor Sor Yor, and personal guarantee, or per Bank requirement


Penalty rate
Highest interest rate as stipulated in the contract plus 3% per year


Project Due Date
December 31, 2022
Qualification of Applicant

For Franchisee:

  • Must be a juristic person granted to operate a business by the franchisor
  • Has a confirmation letter from the franchisor stating the name of franchisee, the amount of investment funds, and the franchise contract period.
  • Has no indication of poor financial records.
  • Other qualification per Bank request.


For Franchisor:
  • Must be a juristic person whose business has been in operation for at least 3 years, and who has granted 10 or more franchises.
  • The last 3 years of financial statements with net profit, submitted to the Revenue Department.
  • Has company operation data, organization chart, and details of products and services.
  • Has governed with precise management and control systems.
  • Possesses a marketing plan and a detailed estimation of income-expenses-returns for the franchisee.
Required Documents

Required Documents

For Juristic Persons

Legal entity

Authorized person

To sign / shareholder holding 20% and more shares

Identification documents

Copy of  national ID card


Copy of house registration document


Copy of name/surname change (if applicable)


Copy of marriage certificate / divorce certificate (if applicable)


Copy of business registration or commercial registration



Certificate of corporate registration from the Ministry of Commerce, objectives and company regulations (not over 1 month old)


A memorandum (not over 3 months old)


Names of shareholders (not over 3 months old)


Company seal stamp certificate


Financial statements

Copy of account statements from financial institution going back 6 months

Copy of financial statements submitted to the Tax & Revenue Department


Copy of Form Por.Por 30 going back 6 months


Collateral documents

Copy of proof of collateral ownership, i.e., title deeds, documents showing ownership of buildings (in case there is any building) copy of passbook (in case of guarantee deposits)



Note: The Bank reserves the rights to approve any loan according to the Bank's terms and conditions.

Product Catalog: Bualuang Loan for Franchise Business
Insurance Details for Loan Application
How to apply
  • Apply online, click here
  • Apply for loan or for more information, please contact our Business Center near you.

Online Pre-Screening Application

Online Loan Application

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For business and financial advice, please visit our business center

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