Key Benefits

To help promote investment and expansion of business

Promote and provide support for SME operators who wish to invest in the construction, renovation or expansion of a gas station, and increase liquidity for the business.

High Credit Limit, Exclusive Interest Rates

A long-term loan for use as an investment in the construction, renovation or expansion of an oil/gas station. Maximum credit limit of 80% of investment funds, and/or O/D limit, under the purpose of oil and gas purchase and business cash flow, with a special interest rate.

Convenient and simple

Investments with clear objectives and the ability to expand successively.

Details of Loan

Available to provide support to business operators wishing to invest in the construction, renovation or expansion of an oil/gas station and provide cash flow for the purchase of oil and gas, goods and to increase business fluidity
Type of Service
Type of Loan
O/D and/or term loan


Credit Limit

  • O/D credit limit not to exceed the amount of oil/gas purchase and revolving cash flow for business
  • Long term loan up to 80% of investment funds (exclusive of the land purchase) and 60% of the land purchase


Interest Rate

  • For O/D, the rate is MOR per annum
  • For loan, from MLR-1.25% to MLR per annum


Repayment Period
8 - 10 years, including a grace period of 6-12 months


Front End Fee
0.5 - 1% of approved credit


Prepayment Penalty
Prepayment fee of up to 3.0% of the prepayment amount


Appraisal Fee

  • The appraisal fee is calculated and collected based on the type of collateral determined by the Appraisal Department.
  • The fee does not include VAT


Bank deposits, land, establishment, fixed assets, machinery, personal guarantee, leasehold


Penalty rate 
Highest interest rate as stipulated in the contract plus 3% per year


Project Due Date
December 31, 2024
Qualification of Applicant
  • Must be a juristic person with registered capital of 5.0 million baht or more.
  • Must be a business operator of an oil/gas station, type of entrepreneur - investment and management, oil/gas company operated by an entrepreneur, or oil companies and entrepreneurs jointly invested. - An entrepreneur must meet the criteria set by the oil/gas company.
  • In case a juristic person already in operation is applying for loans under thre purpose of improvement, expansion or revolving cash flow, these are required:
    • The last 3 years of financial statements with net profit of 2 years submitted to the Tax & Revenue Department, and shareholder’s shares showing no loss.
    • No delinquent records on oil and goods purchases with the oil/gas companies.
  • Other qualifications per Bank request.
Required Documents

Required Documents

For Juristic Persons

Legal entity

Authorized person

To sign / shareholder holding 20% and more shares

Identification documents

Copy of  national ID card


Copy of house registration document


Copy of name/surname change (if applicable)


Copy of marriage certificate / divorce certificate (if applicable)


Copy of business registration or commercial registration



Certificate of corporate registration from the Ministry of Commerce, objectives and company regulations (not over 1 month old)


A memorandum (not over 3 months old)


Names of shareholders (not over 3 months old)


Company seal stamp certificate


Financial statements

Copy of account statements from financial institution going back 6 months

Copy of financial statements submitted to the Tax & Revenue Department


Copy of Por.Por 30 Tax Form going back 6 months


Collateral documents

Copy of proof of collateral ownership, i.e., title deeds, documents showing ownership of buildings (in case there is any building) copy of passbook (in case of guarantee deposits)



Note: The Bank reserves the rights to approve any loan according to the Bank's terms and conditions.

Product Catalog: Loan for Gas Station Dealers
Insurance Details for Loan Application
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