Card Benefits

Convenient Spending

Set a credit limit and manage spending in a convenient way.

More Flexibility

Reduce paperwork on disbursements and increase productivity.

Improve Liquidity

Interest free up to 45 days and lower cash advance reserves.

Reduce Costs

Reduce cash management costs and increase revenue for the organization.

Notify Spending

Receive monthly statement and summary report for credit card spending.

Confident and Secure

Use VISA IntelliLink system to manage expenses and view reports via electronic channels.

Additional Information

Card Type and Credit Limit

Card Type: VISA card (no supplementary card) – The company name is indicated under the cardholder name on the card.


Credit Limit:

  • Interest free up to 45 day.
  • Total credit limit of the company is subject to the Bank’s approval.
  • Credit limit of the cardholder is subject to the company’s discretion.
Required Documents

For Company

  • Company Registration Certificate certified by the Ministry of Commerce (not more than 30 days)
  • Balance Sheets and Financial Statements for the past 3 years
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Value-added Tax Registration Certificate (Phor Por 20)
  • Minutes of the Board Meeting with the agreement to arrange for the Corporate Card including a list of cardholders, card usage limit of each cardholder, and payment method
  • Copy of the passbook showing the account holder’s name and account number as well as statements for the past 6 consecutive months
  • Copy of the Power of Attorney to act on behalf of the company
  • Letter of Consent for credit bureau checking (the signature must be the same as in the application form)

For Cardholder
  • Thai Individuals
    • Copy of Citizen ID card
  • Foreigners
    • Copy of valid Passport
    • Copy of valid Work Permit
Fees and Terms of Payment


  • Annual Fee: 1,500 baht/card (excluding VAT)
    (Annual fee will be waived for the first year and for the following years if total card spending is 100,000 baht/year.)


Terms of Payment

  • Card spending must be paid for in full by direct debit from a Bangkok Bank account within the due date.
  • In case of late payment, the Bank will charge interest at the rate of 18% per year. The interest is calculated from the date the Bank makes payment to merchants/service providers when the cardholders used their credit card up until the date of complete settlement.


We are ready to help you.


We are ready to help you.