Key Benefits

Warm welcome from China, Hong Kong, and Macau

Great for business people and students who travel regularly with special savings benefits in China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Widely accepted and convenient

Widely accepted and convenient to use at merchants in Thailand plus more than 34 million merchants across more than 157 countries worldwide.

Platinum Privileges

Special discounts and other benefits from UnionPay worldwide.

Personal assistant services

International Concierge Medical & Travel Assistance, 24-hours a day.

Gateway to China

Apply today! Earn exclusive platinum privileges in China, Hong Kong and Macau
  • Widely accepted and convenient to use at stores in Thailand plus more than 157 countries or more than 34 million merchants showing the UnionPay sign 
  • Platinum privileges worldwide. Special discounts and other benefits from UnionPay. For more information please visit www.unionpayintl.com1
  • Privileged access and discounts at top-class hotels and merchants, world-class golf courses, spas and restaurants in Thailand. For more information please visit
  • Receive one Thank You Rewards2 point for every 25 baht you spend, and redeem your points for products and services
  • Up to 3 million baht3 travel insurance protection for you, your spouse and any children aged under 23 years when paying for public transport tickets with a Bangkok Bank UnionPay credit card
  • High level of security. All payments require a 6-digit PIN and a signature on the sales slip
  • Overseas Personal Assistance, 24-hours a day. Call (66) 0 2205 7880
    • International Medical Assistance
      Telephone medical advice, guaranteed payment of medical expenses incurred during hospitalization & monitoring of medical conditions during hospitalization, medical translation service, delivery of essential medicine, arrangement of emergency medical evacuation, arrangement of compassionate visit, arrangement of return of minor children, and arrangement of accommodation.
    • International Travel Assistance
      Lost luggage assistance, lost passport assistance, emergency travel service assistance, emergency interpreting assistance, and embassy referral.
    • Personal Assistant Services
  • Travel – hotel referral and reservation assistance, flight information and ticketing assistance, train or rail information and ticketing assistance.
  • Entertainment – golf course referral and reservation assistance, global concert and performance assistance, dining referral and reservation assistance.
  • Shopping – flower and gift delivery assistance.

Note: Cardholders are responsible for the costs of the above services.


1 Privileges are set by the UnionPay company and may be subject to change.
2 Cash advances, fees, fines and interest are not calculated for points. 
3 Travel insurance protection is operated under the conditions of an external insurance company. Travel must be on licensed public transportation with scheduled services only.

Greater Security
For greater security, you will be asked to enter a PIN when making purchases, in addition to signing a sales slip. Please make sure to keep a copy of the receipt for your records.


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