Non-Life Insurance

Protect yourself, your vehicles and properties with insurance that covers all possibilities.

PA 1st

PA 1st personal accident insurance gives you protection and peace of mind at any age with four insurance options.

Group PA 1st

A group accident insurance that helps reduce your business risks while providing great work benefits to your staff in any position in any department.

Travel 1st

Enjoy financial peace-of-mind for every trip to travel or study abroad with comprehensive coverage from Travel 1st insurance.

Bualuang Rak Krobkrua

An insurance policy that gives protection for you and your family (up to three people in total) which is affordable with low premiums.

Bualuang Rak Khun

Enjoy financial peace-of-mind while recovering in hospital with compensation for loss of income. Premiums start from 750 baht/ year.

Cancer Protection 1st

Protect yourself and your family financially should you ever be diagnosed with cancer. You will receive 100% of the sum insured if you have a diagnosis of cancer at any stage.

Auto 1st One

Auto 1st One provides 24-hour life protection. It’s easy to make a claim and your car will be well-cared for in high-quality garages.

Auto 1st 2Plus

Auto 1st 2Plus provides immediate protection against accidents, theft, fire and floods, as well as 24-hour roadside assistance.

Auto 1st

Auto 1st provides financial protection against third-party injury or death in the event of

a road accident.

Business Property Insurance 1st

Receive compensation for damages or injury caused by accidents, fire or theft, as well as loss of income.

Home Property Insurance 1st

Feel secure with protection for your home that covers all assets from theft or accident as well as your rental income in the event of damages.
Insured by Bangkok Insurance Public Company Limited


  • Insurance products offered by the Bank are not the same as a deposit. If canceling a policy before it expires, customers may not receive back the premium in full.
  • The insured should read the terms and conditions carefully before deciding to buy insurance.
  • Bangkok Bank is a non-life insurance broker, acting as an agent between customers and Bangkok Insurance. Bangkok Insurance conditions apply to insurance approval.
  • Health declaration is one of the factors for the underwriting process and consideration of benefit payment.

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