Secondary Market Government Bonds Price Board

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Price per Unit
Indicative Yield*

    *The Yield shown above is an approximate rate of return (Indicative Yield) only and the Bank reserves the right to change the price without prior notice.

    -  Trading price of savings bonds issued by the Ministry of Finance used for trading in government savings bonds book issued by the Ministry of Finance (Bond Book) that customers open a bond book with Bangkok Bank only.

    -  For selling the bond, customer will receive payment from the sales of savings bonds within 2 business days after the sale transaction (T+2). The bank will transfer the money into customer’s account opened with Bangkok Bank only.

    -  For purchasing the bond, customer must pay on the date of purchase (T+0).

    -  The capital gain for individual investors is subject to a withholding tax of 15%, for juristic entities is exempt from withholding tax.

    -  For more information, please call 1333 or 02-645-5555.

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