Tips on Cheques

Our latest cheque clearing technology, systems and service help us to give you the speed and efficiency that you deserve.


Electronic Verification

In the electronic cheque settlement system every physical cheque bears important information printed on the strip along the bottom called "clear band". The clear band zone holds information such as the account number, the bank, the branch identification codes and the payable amount. The clear band is vital for electronic verification.

Keep Them Clean
Cheque users can ensure speedy and efficient service if the clear band area is free of writing, scratching, rubbing, creases or by making sure it does not come into contact with any kind of liquid. This applies to both the front and the reverse sides of the cheque.
Check Your Cheques
Before issuing a cheque, be certain that signatures on your cheque are identical to those that have been given to the Bank. Also, you should be certain that all fields have been filled in correctly before presenting the cheque to the payee so that there is no possibility of payment delays.
Cross Your Cheques
By crossing the top left corner you get the security of knowing that your cheque goes straight into the person's bank account. If you cross the top left hand side with Non Negotiable the funds will only be available to the person you have named. This helps eliminate the risk of fraudulent usage and saves you the worry of your money falling into the wrong hands.
Stop Cheque
You can stop a cheque payment by going into your home branch and making a report. To find out if a cheque has already been paid you can call the Bualuang Phone service on 1333 or (66) 0 2645 5555.
Lost or Stolen Cheques
Report lost or stolen cheques immediately to the Bank and file a police report.


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