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Money Tips

Financial planning steps to survive the crisis of COVID-19

During times of uncertainty, you should plan your financial future. How to maintain your liquidity to manage and survive the financial challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Savings tips to teach your child during COVID-19

During Covid-19, parents can use this time while staying at home to teach your kids about saving money.


Guidelines for Songkran festivities

Things to do during Songkran 2021 to stop the spread of “COVID-19”. All traditional activities can be held as usual, while other activities; such as, water splashing and powder smearing are not permitted.

Suggested Products & Services

Bualuang Thanatavee Fixed Income Fund An investment with low risk and high liquidity

e-Savings Account Open an account online via Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking

Gain 1st Simple Easy to start, sure to gain. Easy to start and receive 2% cash back every 2 years

BeMerchant NextGen: Accept QR code payments from any payment app

Tips & Insights

Deposit Protection

Thai baht deposits are protected under the Deposit Protection Agency Act.

Altered Cheque

Altered cheques must be deposited at the respective issuing banks only.

Cheque Usage

The Bank's cheque clearing technology helps us give you the speed and efficiency you deserve.

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

A smart plan and technique for your mutual funds investment

Invest with ease to suit your digital lifestyle

Easy to invest via Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking or Bualuang iBanking

How to choose mutual funds to suit your investment needs

How to choose the right mutual funds, proper investment technique and convenient channels suit your investment needs

Investing in Mutual Funds

Guidance on investing in mutual funds to earn good returns and achieve your investment goals

Safely use credit card for online shopping

Quick guidelines on how to make your online shopping safer and more secure

What to do when your credit card is lost?

Simply call the Bank to report your loss - we’ll cancel your card and issue you with a new one.

Keep your card safe

Some useful instructions to help keep your Be1st Smart TPN UnionPay card and Be1st Smart TPN Mastercard safe

Steps for setting purchase limit on a debit card

Setting your preferred purchase limit on your Be1st Smart Card easily via Bualuang Phone

Cash Deposit, Cash Withdrawal or Funds Transfer

4 Steps to do when having a problem with making transaction via electronic channels

Making funds transfer to a wrong account or giving a wrong amount

4 Steps to do when having a problem with making transaction via electronic channels

Preparing for a Home Loan Application

If you dream of owning your own home, prepare well before applying, otherwise you may be disappointed.

A good option to gain tax benefits

Life Insurance - A good option to gain tax benefits! Life and retirement insurance premiums are eligible for tax deductions.

Money Tutor

Start your savings and learn how to manage your finances for sustainable wealth

Plan your smart finance with 'Money Tutor' which is a financial knowledge section on the bank's website. It features a lively infographic format that turns complex financial ideas into easy-to-understand stories. 'Money Tutor' aims to encourage savings and promote good financial management to suit all ages and lifestyles. Interesting articles include "Financial management for a happy family" and "Useful knowledge about AEC" including a Motion Infographic video about digital banking and an e-book for free download with useful tips for new investors. 'Money Tutor' has also added a new series of articles to keep you up to date with financial trends. (Available in Thai only)

Stay beside every step & understand every goal

Smart tips about working, finance and lifestyle you can follow to get the most out of life. Whether you are focused on your job, preparing for the future, growing your wealth, or starting your business, you can be confident in every step you take.

“Starting your career”

As a new graduate starting work and earning your own income from full-time work, make the most of your first salary

“Looking for future progress and success”

Achieve your goals by being work-wise and money-wise. Be open to all possibilities and make your dreams come true.

“Securing your family”

Plan for financial stability with savings and investments, while balancing your work and home for a happy life.

“Planning your retirement”

Prepare well so you are ready for your happy retirement.

“Starting your own business”

Turn your passion into a business and carefully prepare your capital base.

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