How to Turn Off Accessibility Mode

Prevent scammers from using its features to install malware and hack your banking apps

If the customer has enabled accessibility mode on their Android smartphone, Bangkok Bank suggests disabling the feature to increase security and prevent data theft.

Users can disable the phone's Accessibility Mode by following the instructions below:

Samsung Huawei Xiaomi / Redmi Vivo OPPO Realme Asus

Why you should turn off your accessibility mode:

Accessibility Mode is used primarily to assist individuals with disabilities to navigate their phones. For example, assisting those with vision impairments to read text. These features also include performing activities for users and manipulating the apps and information onscreen with the purpose of removing any barriers faced when using the phone. However, many scammers exploit these features for malicious purposes, creating malware that uses accessibility mode to hack and steal the user's information.

To avoid malware from targeting their phone, users must carefully check their phone's settings and see if any suspicious applications are requesting access to the Accessibility Service. If this is the case, it is critical to deny access to unknown applications or turn off the phones' accessibility service immediately. 

It is also important to ensure that your mobile app is up to date. Bangkok Bank has enhanced the level of security in the latest update of Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking, including the addition of facial recognition and decreasing the default transfer, payment and top up limit.

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