Card Privileges

CHIP & PIN. Secure transactions

Spend securely, withdraw money with confidence. Enjoy high security for all your spending and cash withdrawals with CHIP & 6-digit PIN technology.

Greater convenience for your spending

An all-in-one card you can use to shop, withdraw cash and travel on the BTS and BRT with ease. You also get Rabbit points to redeem for gifts.

SMS Card Spending Alert

Free SMS notifications on your mobile phone anytime you spend 300 baht with your card. With free and fast notifications you can track your spending instantly.

Additional Information

Convenient Shopping
  • Make purchases at stores with the symbol   or   nationwide and at stores worldwide accepting chip cards.
  • Make purchases at stores displaying the Rabbit sign and get Rabbit Points at participating merchants
  • Top-up stored value in your card at BTS and BRT stations
  • Enjoy special discounts and privileges from participating merchants
Secure Cash Withdrawals, Funds Transfers and Payments
Withdraw cash, transfer funds and pay bills conveniently and safely at Bangkok Bank ATMs nationwide and other banks’ ATMs that accept chip cards and display. Be confident with high security with CHIP & 6-digit PIN technology. 
Easy city travel

Conveniently ride the BTS and BRT. You will earn Rabbit Points by topping up trips or the travel purse at the BTS ticket offices at every station or spending with the card at participating Rabbit merchants.

How to pay with the contactless function

Contactless technology allows you to make faster, easier, and more secure payments.


Simple… Just wave your card at a card reader showing symbol  to make purchases at merchants anywhere in the world that accept contactless payments. You can use contactless payments for purchases of up to 1,500 baht/transaction* without a signature. (If your purchase is over 1,500 baht, you are required to swipe the card and authorize the transaction with your signature or a PIN).


Quick and convenient… Contactless payments require less processing time than regular payments with no need to carry cash


Safe… Your card never leaves your hand while you are settling the payment. You can check the amount of the payment immediately on Bualuang mBanking and Bualuang iBanking. You can also receive free SMS notification anytime you spend 300 baht or more.


*Maximum sales amount varies from country to country.
How to Apply

Apply now simply bring your Bangkok Bank passbook (savings account or cheque book) together with your Citizen ID card or passport (if you are an expatriate) to any Bangkok Bank branch. You will be issued with a Be1st Smart TPN Rabbit Card instantly and asked to key in a 6-digit PIN of your choice.


  • Entrance Fee: 100 baht
  • Annual Fee: 200 baht until December 31, 2022 (usually 300 baht)
  • Card Replacement Fee: No cost! You can replace your Be1st BTS magnetic stripe card for free. The fee for replacing other Be1st cards is 100baht.
  • Monthly statement fee: 200baht per year. (Apply at your home branch)
Sales Sheet: Be1st Smart TPN Rabbit Card

4 Easy steps to use contactless payment

1. Look for this symbol at point of sale terminals and inform the salesperson that you will pay with Be 1st Smart TPN unionPay contactless.

2. Check the purchase value displayed on the card reader before waving your card. If the value is incorrect, please tell the salesperson to correct the transaction immediately.

3. Wave your card at a card reader to pay.

4. Hold the card until you see the text “Approved” or a green light or hear a beep. Then, you will receive a sales slip for a reference.

SMS Services

Subscribe now for free SMS Card Spending Alert!

Enroll to receive SMS notifications on your mobile phone to know when transactions are made using your Be1st Smart debit card or credit card. Apply at any Bualuang ATM or by calling Bualuang Phone (66) 0 2645 6655.

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