Pay for Your Gold Purchases with Greater Convenience 

at Hua Seng Heng, Chin Hua Heng, Mae Thong Sook, Thongbai Yaowaraj, GCAP, YLG, and Ausiris gold shops

Safe & worry-free

Eliminate the risk of carrying cash to purchase gold and you can  move quickly when gold prices fluctuate


No need to buy cashier’s cheques or stockpile cash in advance

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High credit limit

Credit of up to 999,999,999 baht per day, and you can change or cap your daily spending limit by contacting your home branch

Debit Purchasing Card Application Information

Required Documents

To apply for the Debit Purchasing Card, simply visit any Bangkok Bank branch with the following documents

  • A copy of your ID card
  • A copy of your passbook (required if debiting from your savings account); OR
  • A copy of your chequebook order slip (required if debiting from your current account)
  • Entrance fee 100 baht
  • Annual fee 200 baht
  • Card replacement fee 100 baht
How to use
  1. The cashier will process the card and enter the transaction amount, then you enter your PIN and sign the sales slip
  2. The account registered to your debit purchasing card will be debited immediately.
  3. Collect your sales slip (showing the purchase amount and transaction fee) for your reference
  4. You will receive an SMS confirming your transaction which will be sent to the mobile phone previously registered with the bank.


For more information, please contact the Card Member Service Section (66) 02 638 4222.

Product Fact Sheet – Debit Purchasing Card 
Anti-Money Laundering Ministerial Regulations
Maximum 3 products can be compared at the same time.

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