Why Bangkok Bank

Keep track of every transaction

Track all transactions, cheque deposits and withdrawals, and fund transfers with a daily account summary and receive notifications on up to 3 phone numbers.

Notify up to 3 phone numbers

Receive notifications on up to 3 phone numbers/account.

Enroll now - it’s easy and ready to use

Available for customers (with single or joint accounts) and juristic persons. Easy enrollment at branch.

Minimal fees

Only 30 baht/month/phone number/account. Enroll from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022 and receive the first month of FREE service, if you are registering for a new account and have not applied for this service before.

Great value with a yearly package only at 299 baht/phone number/account (you can save 61 baht).

Service Details

Report your account transactions

Once you have enrolled you will receive an SMS about these activities in your account: 

  • Every fund transferred into or out of your account
  • Cheque deposits and withdrawals
  • Amended transactions (cheque deposits and pay cheques) 
  • Daily summary of cheques that cannot be deducted in case of insufficient funds
  • Transfers or payments via the automatic system
  • Fee deduction and interest received and paid
  • Daily account summary
Details and examples of SMS
  • Type of transaction such as incoming or outgoing funds. 
  • Registered account number such as account X1234 (only last four numbers).
  • Transaction channels such as via Bualuang ATM, Bualuang mBanking, Bualuang iBanking, branch or automatic system.
  • Available balance.

Examples of SMS

Incoming funds: 

  • Deposit/transfer to your account X1234 of Bt 5,000.00 via ATM; the available balance is Bt 15,000.00.
    ฝาก/โอนเงินเข้าบ/ชX1234 ผ่านATM 5,000.00บ ใช้ได้ 15,000.00บ.
  • Transfer to your account X1234 of Bt 5,000.00.00 via auto system; the available balance is Bt 15,000.00 @07:15.
    เงินโอนเข้าบ/ชX1234 ผ่านระบบ 5,000.00บ ใช้ได้ 15,000.00บ@07:15

Outgoing funds:

  • Withdrawal/transfer/payment from your account X1234 of Bt 5,000.00 via MB; the available balance is Bt 15,000.00.
    ถอน/โอน/จ่ายเงินจากบ/ชX1234 ผ่านMB 5,000.00บ ใช้ได้15,000.00บ
  • Transfer/payment from your account X1234 of Bt 5,000.00 via auto system; the available balance is Bt 15,000.00 @18:00.
    โอน/จ่ายเงินจากบ/ชX1234 ผ่านระบบ 5,000.00บ ใช้ได้15,000.00บ@18:00

Cheque-related transaction:

  • Cheque deposit to your account X1234 of Bt 5,000.00; the available balance is Bt 15,000.00.
    เช็คเข้าบ/ชX1234 จำนวน 5,000.00บ เงินในบ/ชใช้ได้ 15,000.00บ
  • Cheque return from your account X1234 of Bt 5,000.00; the available balance is Bt 15,000.00.
    บ/ชX1234 เช็คคืนยอดเงิน5,000.00บ เงินในบ/ชใช้ได้ 15,000.00บ
  • Debited cheque from your account X1234 of Bt 50,000.00 via auto system; the available balance is Bt 100,000.00.
    ตัดเช็คจากบ/ชX1234 ผ่านระบบ 50,000.00บ ใช้ได้ 100,000.00บ
  • Cheque No.12345678 of Bt 100,000.00 cannot be cleared from your account X1234. Reason Code 01.
    บ/ชX9999 เช็คสั่งจ่ายเลขที่12345678 จำนวน100,000.00บ คืนข้อ 01
  • Pending cheque(s) clearing from your account X1234 on 04/09 @ 21:00 is (are) 3 cheque(s) of Bt 100,000.00.
    บ/ชX1234 วันที่ 04/09 เวลา 21:00 มีเช็ครอตัด 3 ฉบับ จำนวน 100,000.00บ

Daily account summary:

  • The available balance for account X1234 on 13/11 @ 21:30 is Bt 15,000.00.
    บ/ชX1234 วันที่ 13/11 เวลา 21:30 เงินในบ/ชใช้ได้ 15,000.00บ

Enroll now – it’s easy

Enroll by visiting a Bangkok Bank branch.
Terms and Conditions
  • The service is available for Bangkok Bank personal savings and current accounts (single and joint accounts) and juristic persons. 
  • Enrollment is via a Bangkok Bank branch (please provide identification documents and passbooks).
  • Each of your mobile phone numbers can only have one account. 
  • Each deposit account can register up to 3 mobile phone numbers. (Service fee is charged per phone number)
  • The mobile phone number to receive the SMS alert can be changed at a Bangkok Bank branch. Bangkok Bank cannot be held responsible for any information sent to other people if the number is entered incorrectly or is not updated.

Download PDF details about provisions governing SMS Account Alert services
Enroll at a Bangkok Bank branch - here's how:

New Customer: You can apply for the service when opening a new account (personal accounts only and available for single and joint accounts).

Existing Customer: Present your identification documents and passbook at the branch.

  • Personal
    • Savings account - Enroll at any Bangkok Bank branch
    • Current account - Enroll at home branch only
  • Juristic person - Enroll at home branch only

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