Make your dream plans a reality with a deposit pledged personal loan

High credit line

Up to 100% of the pledged deposit amount.

Flexible repayments

Up to 10 years with flat monthly repayments.

Hassle-free collateral

Use your savings or fixed-deposit account instead of property as collateral to borrow funds for your new home or home improvements at a low interest rate.


Loan management fee waived.

Loan Details

Have a Bangkok Bank savings or fixed deposit account with a minimum deposit amount equivalent to the credit limit on the day of application.
How to apply
Speak with one of our dedicated Marketing Officers at any Bangkok Bank branch - they can advise you on the loan that best suits your needs.
Interest Rates
  • For Savings Account - current interest rate of savings account, plus 1.75%
  • For Fixed Deposit Account - current interest rate of fixed deposit account, plus 2%


Find out if you’re eligible for a Bualuang Home Loan

Make your dream home a reality with our quick and flexible financing service. Now you can apply online for a Bualuang Home Loan online and know the pre-screening result immediately.

Useful Information

4 Things to Know Before Applying for a Loan

All the information you may need to help guide you through Bualuang Home Loans

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