Bualuang Direct Debit

A hassle-free way to pay bills

You can have your bills paid automatically from your savings or current account each month so you don’t ever again have to worry about forgetting to pay, or paying them late.

Registration channels and process
  • Bank Branch

Just bring a copy of the invoice or receipt and the book of the account you would like to link to direct debit. Then:

    • Pick up a direct debit form
    • Complete the form and attach the bills you wish to pay
    • Submit the form, a copy of the invoice or receipt and the book

Note: Debit forms for utilities vary depending on the organization

  • Bualuang iBanking

To register for Bualuang Direct Debit, please select “Register Direct Debit” from the “Payment” page. Before we process your request we will send a One Time Password via SMS to the mobile phone number that you have pre-registered with Bualuang iBanking. You will need this password to activate your online request to register for the Bualuang Direct Debit.

  • Bualuang ATM
    You can apply for our auto Direct Debit at any Bangkok Bank ATM nationwide using your ATM or Be1st Debit card. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    • Insert your ATM or Be1st card into the ATM and enter your PIN
    • Select “Apply for Service” from the main menu
    • Select “Direct Debit Authority”
    • Read the “Terms and Conditions” of Bualuang Direct Debit service, then press “Accept”
    • Select “Account Types” (Savings/Current)
    • Select “Preferred Account”
    • Select “Search for the Company to Debit Using”
    • Select “Business Type”
    • Select “Company”, then complete information in the following screens
    • The system will show the screen confirming your application for the service. Please press “Confirm” to complete your registration
    • After you have finished the registration transaction, you will receive an ATM slip confirming your registration. Keep this receipt for your reference.
    • As an account owner, you will receive a notification letter via post.

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